What Is God Thinking About You?

What others might think about you do not matter at all. It’s what God thinks of you that you should care about. 

If some mean individuals could not even think of you just to be happy, think otherwise about God. 

Here’s what King David said, “How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand—when I awake, I am still with you.

1. Consider God’s Thoughts For You.

Think of what God thinks about you. 

Do you really believe that God intends to heal you? Or harm you? 

Does He intend to bless you? Or break you? 

The truths is, God’s thoughts for you is everything good, in fact, your highest good. Why? 

It’s because the very definition of God as love is to think of the highest good of the one being loved. Every act of God is based upon his holy and loving nature. 

If you begin to think of God’s “vast” thoughts about you, you’ll be surprised how great your life would be. 

Everything He allowed to happen in your life at the past and the present are part of His wonderful thoughts for your future and eternity. Nothing is wasted, nothing is lost, except those things that do not belong and should not be there.

What could be more precious than the “sum” of God’s thoughts? 

2. Count God’s Wonderful Thoughts For Your Life.

When you think about the world and your work, more often than not, you cannot help but think of something wrong, negative, or bad. That’s because our way of thinking is very limited. 

There were times I remember those betrayals I and my wife experienced from those we thought were our friends. I could not think how I put my wife in so much pain when she saw me exploited, used, taken advantaged, and would not even fight back. 

Even the people my wife helped bullied, mocked, insulted, and oppressed her in various ways. She would often come home in tears. How could a thoughtful God allow such evil things to happen to people who only think of serving Him?

Yet, God’s thoughts for us–as well as for you–is so infinite. It’s so vast beyond our human comprehension. What we only see is the past and the present, but with God everything about you is so clear in the eyes of eternity.

When troubles come your way, count God’s blessings no matter how limited your memories are. For when you see His good deeds, what evil things have befallen you are not worthy to be compared to the glory He has ensured for you. 

My wife and I know that by experience; you can learn that too.

3. Comfort Yourself In God’s Thoughtfulness.

During our regular coffee time, my wife and I would converse about our experiences. Many time we see that God’s thoughts are, indeed, higher than what we expected. 

We cried in trying times, we laugh–not at the misery of our oppressors when God would strike back to the wicked but–at our limited understanding. But above all, we take comfort that God is really good when we saw He suffered with us in those evil times. That everyday “when I awake, I am still with you,” as David said.

If God knows your every thought, does He feel your every pain? 

This one thing I know. Every time I’m awake, what we see is God’s wonderful plans coming to reality. His perfect thoughts can never go wrong. 

The truth is, God knows every thought there is in your mind. 

Would you care to rethink what you think you assume about Him?

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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