Why Excellence Is the Best Way?

Do you see someone skilled in their work?” The Bible says, “They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.

The truth is, excellence is your ticket to success. 

If you want to succeed in anything, you need to consider the more excellent way.

1. Define What’s Excellent.

“If I’m going to give you my best,” someone may ask, “will you also give your best for me?” But each person has his own definition of what’s best. The same with excellence. 

Let me propose that being excellent is doing your best for God and others based on your combined knowledge, experience, training, and ability. 

Knowing that God is the God of excellence, He deserves nothing less than our best. And that should be our main motivation in being excellent and doing things in an excellent way.

From my experience, giving your best is an act of honoring the ones whom honor is due. Honoring God, our mentors, and our co-leaders. 

Likewise, being the best is also a way of honoring ourselves. (That’s why there’s such a thing as “dishonoring yourself.” Try to be sloppy and soon you’ll find out.). The fact is, sloppy people may seem to succeed but only for a moment. It can’t be sustained. 

Be excellent even if no one is watching. God is the only audience you need. Seek His approval. Let him measure your success. 

2. Develop a Mindset of Excellence.

Doing your best even if others won’t give you back what you deserve–even if something you don’t deserve–is not totally useless. It should not stop you from being excellent.

Your best might not be good enough for others. But that’s what obscure people do to others. 

I remember a company supervisor who was asked why for all those years, someone they know remained obscurely stagnant. “Bro, he’s just a man with money,” the supervisor replied, “but he’s nobody and so ordinary.” It means nothing excellent went on.

Being excellent in what you do starts from within. Think excellent, you’ll do excellent things, and get excellent results.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to fail. Failures may be God’s tools to teach us how to succeed. The man who’s mindset is afraid to fail is most certainly also afraid to succeed. Why? 

Because both failure and success will reveal the true nature of the heart. But the man who does his best is not afraid of both. He only does what His Master asks and demands of him. Whatever the results are, these are all in the Master’s touch.

3. Do Your Best.

If you want anything to be done for you, do it first to others. This way, you are not passive to wait and not do anything, but proactively do the best that you can. 

Doing your best opens up doors of opportunities you’ve not dreamed about–even bigger than your dreams and goals. 

Do you best and you’ll soon find yourself working with the best people.

Excellence will lead you to excellent people who will maximize your mutual potentials, prospects, possibilities, and prosperities. 

God has His own special ways in rewarding those who serve Him through and with others. You’ve got to realize, you’re serving the King above and His domain is abundantly blessed. 

How can you fail if God is working and is pleased with you? 

What the world consider as success may be failure to God, but what is success before God remains a success regardless how the world sees it.

God is not unjust. He knows how to reward His workers. It pleases Him to see His servants prosper. If you think you’re bound to fail, you’re right. But if you believe and do your best, He will take charge of the rest.

The place of God’s promise is so great in that it’s too wide for people with tiny dreams or small faith.

Why be a slave in Egypt if you can succeed in God’s promised land? 

Why cry over spilled milk if God is leading you to the land flowing with milk and honey?

Take massive action and get massive results. Do you best and you’ll get the best out of this life. 

The world may fail you, but God never will. 

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017