What Are the 4 Pillars of Enduring Leadership? 

Endure or injure: Why do leaders don’t last and fall?

We all have seen casualties of war. The same is true on the spiritual battlefield.

Many leaders do not last because of many reasons, like moral failures, marriage problems, money matters, etc.

In times like these, St. Paul’s words are timely. “But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.” (2 Tim. 4:5)

Let me share the 4 pillars of well an established leadership.

1. Elevate Your Awareness.

Keep your head in all situations.” Like a watchman on top of a fortress, it means to look up in order to see possible dangers, threats, and warning signs around.

While others cling to paranoia for survival or self-actualization for success, spiritual awareness is a must for enduring leadership as a practicing Christian.

It means you have to be aware of where you are standing, your beliefs and behaviors. It also covers watching out for wrong teachings that could destroy you and your people.

Be aware of the emerging trends that are unbiblical, even demonic in nature. For a leader who feeds his people with poisonous teachings would someday reap his actions.

2. Endure Hardship.

Nobody said being a spiritual leader would be easy.

Some amateurs desire to lead with full of idealism. But experienced leaders know that it’s a battle out there. It’s less than ideal.

Endure hardship.” Take time to train. It’s better to bleed during training that has yourself killed on the battlefield.

Be tough. There will be trials and testings that would toughen your guts as you deal with various people.

The leader who is not willing to endure will soon be injured–if not, he would become a casualty.

3. Evangelize.

In the age of information, evangelists refer to enthusiastic techno advocates. Originally, it simply means someone who proclaims the good news and persuades people to become followers of Christ.

As such, the command to “Do the work of an evangelist” is to spread the news of God’s love for all people, hatred for sin, and hope of forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Winning people for Christ is the utmost duty and privilege of any Christian evangelists.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you have the greatest honor to spread and speak God’s love to all people.

4. Empower Other Leaders.

True leaders empower others.

One best way to empower potential leaders is following this instruction. “Discharge all the duties of your ministry.

To become an enduring leader, one must learn how to let go of his roles, functions, and responsibilities to others.

The person who cannot delegate could be someone who is insecure, fearful, or too proud to acknowledge that others can be developed and be able to do it as well, in fact even better.

The truth is, there is no real success without a successor.

Soon you’ll realize that real success means to be able to discharge–not some or few but–everything you’ve got to others.

A spiritual leader might not be able to transfer his or her calling to others, but certainly one can multiply himself or herself through others.

So don’t be afraid to train others. As I’ve always believed and done: If I train you and you become ten times better than I am, I would be happy.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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