Is Your Ax Sharp? 

A young man applied for a lumber jack work in a logging company. On his first day, his fellow loggers didn’t like the newcomer. He worked and then took breaks often, while they work hard all day long.

But at the end of the day, he produced more than each of them could.

The older lumber jacks became interested at what this young man was doing. The next day, they observed what’s his secret. Soon they discovered that the man worked well and every time he took a break, he sharpened his ax.

King Solomon is right. “If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.”

Here’s what you can do to be more productive in life.

1. Sharpen Your Edge.

I was a young kid when I heard that story. Growing up in a mountainous province of Bukidnon, stories of forest adventures were common. In fact, in my longtime residence, Baguio and Benguet are well known for excellent wood carvers.

The lessons are essentials. If you want to be very productive, keep on sharpening your tools. “If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened” it has consequences.

How many times you’ve seen people who work so hard and yet you see very little results?

Take a look at most companies. Who works harder and yet has the least wages?

Get the edge. Keep on learning. If you want to have better results and income, sharpen your edge.

If the mind or skill is dull, it’s harder to get the desired results.

2. Strategize On Your Strength.

Strength is less productive when not used efficiently and effectively.

More strength is needed” if the ax is dull. But even if you add more strength, it could only lead to more dullness. You don’t like to have big muscles and small brains, do you?

A muscle with mind (or vice versa) is better than nothing at all.

Every team needs a muscle. But there must be someone who leads to utilize the powerhouse for maximum advantage.

Power is best used when there is good strategy. Even a superpower can be defeated without good intelligence. It happened to countries, it can happen to you.

So be mindful of your muscle. Don’t waste it. Capitalize on your strength by being competent.

3. Succeed With Your Skills.

When was the last time you’ve learned a new skill?

Did you become an expert immediately?

It takes constant leaning to be good at something. But once you’re skillful at it, you’ve got your edge over those who are addicted to mediocrity.

Setting one’s ego aside, “But” King Solomon says, “skill will bring success.” It’s a rule, a given, and a principle.

Only an inferior person would like to get someone she can command at her disposal. But those who wants to be the best, they get the best.

He who works with the best becomes the best. And he who learns from the best becomes better–even greater.

Success is not an accident or merely luck. He who rely on luck will soon ran out of it. But the one who constantly improves his mind and skills, will sustain his success.

Nothing is more tragic than a seeming success where lack of character and competence are present. It won’t last. It won’t produce lasting results.

So if you choose, get both character and competence together. Then, by God’s grace, your success is assured.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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