What Kind of a Leader Would You Be?

In times like these, the world needs dependable leaders.

If the people you influence would define your leadership as a whole, what would it be? Will it be something like this?

And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.”

If you want to become a built-to-last leader, here are the three principles we can learn and apply wherever we are.

1. Be a Shepherd-Like Leader.

David was a shepherd boy before he became king. Many of his leadership values were shaped by his childhood upbringing and role in the family. One is to graze their family-owned flock in green pastures.

As a family shepherd, he gently led the flock of sheep to greener pastures, not dry land. He led and not driven them nuts. He protected the flock from dangers and guided them together.

He knew where to go, how to get there, and when.

When he became of full-grown leader, his pastoral heart remained. Although he “shepherded” his people, he is not actually a pastor or a priest, but a politician-warrior-leader.

2. Be a Strong Leader of Integrity.

Growing up all my life as a leader, I have seen countless men and women who have fallen by the wayside because of weak values.

One core values that sustain a leader in any field is strong integrity. It’s not that leaders should be perfect but that they are principled.

The reason why politics, despite its intentions for good governance, is often perceived with disdain is that of deficiency in integrity and lack of moral ascendancy.

Isn’t it interesting that David was once weak and full of moral failures? An adultery with Bathsheba, her husband’s murder, and more lapses were there hope for integrity?

While people would tend to judge your whole life and leadership with the wrong you’ve done–and mostly not by the right deeds you have–God looks at the heart.

The difference of David was that he was remorseful and repentant. He turned his back from his sins towards God, received forgiveness, faced the consequences, and lived an upright life and leadership.

As such, his honesty to God, with himself, and others gain him the favor of someone who led with “integrity of heart.

3. Be a Skillful Leader.

David led with the heart and hand. Both the spirit and the skills went together. The style or strategy was founded upon substance.

When David was described as a leader with “skillful hands,” it emphasizes excellence, expertise, proficiency, professionalism, and mastery. In order to achieve such level, these require learning and training.

Excellence will lead you to success.

If you want to succeed in life and leadership, strengthen both your spirit and skills. Do your best always. Give everything you’ve got.

Be a servant leader, even if you’re on the second chair. Your path to success is fueled by your passion.

In fulfilling your vision, you need your core values and character to sustain, but your success is heavily determined by your competence.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017