How to Overcome the Devil’s Advocates Anywhere?

You may be a CEO, BOT, President, Pastor, or leader of a Christian organization, ministry, church, or community of faith, and the like. You must have encountered a “devil’s advocate” who undermines the spiritual vision, mission, and essence of God’s work and anything good.

You’re not alone. I was there too. In my long years of experience and observations as a spiritual leader, I’ve encountered some devil’s advocates and learned my lessons. But the best way to counteract them is to know their cunning strategies.

Leaders, here’s what you can do.

1. Watch Out for Polarization.

One major move of a devil’s advocate is to cause sharp division to alienate opinions and sway beliefs. In obvious cases, there is a declaration of war, just like Lucifer did against God.

While some advocates have notorious reputations of hostility, they can also appear with controlled anger to hide their personal agenda and appear dignified.

Be observant. In apostle Peter’s words, “Be sober- minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

2. Warn Yourself About the Devil’s Demonization.

Don’t’ you know that the Devil demonized God?

So don’t wonder that despite your pure motives and obedience to follow God’s vision and mission, some devil’s advocates could turn that against you, making you appear as the demon that has vested interests (instead of them).

If a devil’s advocate considers you a threat, she tends to demonize you or he portrays you as a wicked culprit. A lot of spiritual leaders experienced this common tactic.

If Lucifer made God and anything He represents as the tyrant, if you’re not aware of this, be warned. It could be your downfall through discouragement.

3. Work Out In Consolidating Your Organization.

Demonic advocates have cunning ability to mobilize culpable people based on their selfish motivations and envy.

By building coalitions among rebellious individuals, a devil’s advocate obsessively campaigns to destroy from the inside.

I’ve seen Christian organizations and ministries imploded. Like Lucifer who consolidated God’s disgruntled angels, the devil’s advocates successfully recruited and mobilized weak leaders without moral ascendancy and spiritual authority. To cause division, they did it by appealing to the carnal agenda of their prospects.

If you want to overcome against the Devil’s advocates, work hard in consolidating those who caught God’s vision and mission. If not, destruction is just around the corner.

4. Withstand The Deception.

Devil’s advocates are generally assiduous planner. They are covert experts of camouflaging as “an angel of light.” Like Lucifer, he was cunning in making Eve believe he is for her; and yet he actually wanted to destroy her.

Pretension is in the arsenal of the Devil’s advocates. There are no moral and ethics absolutes; the end justifies the means. They may even speak your language, but their hearts aren’t.

When you face your prowling adversary roaring like a lion, apostle Peter emphasized, “Resist him, firm in your faith.”

5. Win.

Apostle Paul says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Why?

If you fight the Devil’s advocate in her own terms, you become one of them. If you fight evil with evil, even if you win, you still resort to evil means.

In some cases, the Devil’s advocates temporarily win. But God eventually exposes them to be confounded, adding another credential to their notoriety.

Apostle John said, “You are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” You may appear utterly defeated by the Devil’s advocate, but in the eyes of God, as long as you remain faithful and fruitful, you win.

Winning in battle may not be everything, but deep within your soul, when treated unfairly you can still win. You’ve got to learn your lessons and grow stronger.

Glenn Plastina © 2017


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