What To Do With Those Seemingly Wasted Times?

I have a friend who was working in a special group for quite some time. They were bonded together by their common interests and passion.

Together, they played well and earned their way to the top. But soon, one of their group member–obviously a very talented one–became greedy for power, money, and entitlement.

On by one, the members began to feel ostracized and devalued. After several years, the team was disbanded like a broken chord. The music faded until it’s gone.

Were you in a situation where you felt you’ve wasted considerable times? Have you been through years of doing something you thought to be worthwhile with someone else, only to find out you’re just being screwed?

I do! But let me show you how I responded to those seemingly wasted times.

When I think of “wastes,” there are three things “to do” that come to my minds.

1. Reduce the Regrets.

There are people who just trash out others or consider fellow human beings as disposable. Just because they assume that they have absolute power or money, they can just get rid of anyone who works hard.

If you see yourself in a situation where you were just thrown out of the equation after you being used, don’t reduce yourself or devalue your contribution. Don’t even go down to the level of those “users.”

It is not your fault when others decide to throw you out after they gained the advantage of your ideas, skills, passion, etc. It is normal to feel disappointed, sad, or be sorry. But it is your choice if you want to be better or bitter.

2. Reuse the Lessons Learned.

In the midst of these seeming failures, you actually gained important lessons. Use these experiences on a higher level.

If you are being treated unfairly and disposed of like a wasted talent, use that experience into a period of learning your true and intrinsic value.

Here are some of the lessons I reapplied when I was screwed up by people I trusted. I regained my self-value thinking that I’m released (instead of thrown out) from selfish users who exploited fellow human beings.

Now that I know what works and what does not, I also decided to use my ideas, skills, and talents for a greater purpose. I look for better partners who have the same passion and purpose as mine.

I keep on learning, improving my weaknesses, gaining an advantage on my strengths, working out to prevent doing the same mistakes and be more mature.

3. Recycle the Experiences Made.

Some people might steal your produce and results and consider it as theirs, but there are things they can’t take away from you–your love, passion, and purpose.

If someone decides to build a legacy based on deceit–and some are very experienced in doing this–it is beyond your control. Just hope things would change.

As for you, convert your personal experience into a stronger substance and better system. No matter what they do with your ideas and programs, they can’t replicate your spirit, heart, and distinctive leadership.

The thing about the experience as the best teacher is that it is often a trial and error. Although you can also use the experiences of others as great teaching tools, you have to focus on the principles you learned, not on the circumstantial ones.

Although you can also use the experiences of others as great teaching tools, you have to focus on the principles you learned, not on the circumstantial ones.

Remember, others may consider anything as trash, but for others it means cash.

Let me remind you. Does God create trash?

Nope. He makes masterpieces. That includes you.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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