Together Towards the Progressive Future 

Are you aware that the major feelings of adults during graduations and recognitions are that of hope, success, and brighter future? 

But the best–or the worst–is yet to come.

An ancient teacher once said, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.” (Eccl. 4:9-10)

Here are some simple steps to ensure the bright future of your children. 

1. Step Up to the Challenges.

Each one must recognize that there will always be challenges in life. Students face them every now and then. The same with you as parents. 

The truth is: there is strength in numbers. It means together you are stronger. 

As a family, you can face hardships stronger than those who work alone. 

A student works better with classmates, just like a player becomes better with his or her team, as well as coach. Likewise, a student becomes better with the help and guidance of the parents.

Personally, I usually ask my children what are the challenges they face at school in order to guide them how to respond properly. You’ll be surprised how children respond to challenges and you can gain insights too.

Are you aware of these challenges, like bullying, discrimination, teachers with anger issues, favoritism, etc.? 

If you will not teach your children about facing these challenges, don’t be surprised if they panic when they grow up and face workplace intimidation, inequality, bosses without moral ascendancy, and favor for favor, etc.

Parents, step up. “Two are better than one” when it comes to your child’s education. Never leave your children in dealing with challenges all alone.

When your child fails in some ways, are you there to help them rise again?

2. Synchronize Your Goals in Life.

Is it normal for parents to expect “good return” for their investments. You work hard, save money to pay the tuition fee, and expect to get quality services. Nonetheless, it is your primary responsibility to ensure that your investments are growing and that your child gets the best out of it.

As a parent, you are the coach and team leader of the house. It is your utmost duty to set specific goals to advance the development and success of your family, e.g. Spiritually, Intellectually, Emotionally, Physically, Relationally, Financially, etc.

It would be unfortunate if parents do not have clear and specific goals for the family. On the other hand, making goals without considering the desires and dreams of the children would also bring potential dangers in the future. 

I ask my wife and children to write down their goals. They all knew I have written The Dream Book that would benefit all our family members. But then, if I’m fully aware of my family’s goals in life, as the head of the family, I can make better decisions with them and for them.

I would recommend. If your family wants to walk together in the same direction towards a successful future, sit with the whole family and synchronize your goals in life.

3. Succeed Together.

The truth is this: the academic rewards of your children do not have any relationship to their success in the future.

There has been scientific research made on it. Academic rewards do not do not guarantee a successful life, even on financial matters.

In fact, there are so many examples we can find who are extremely successful in life but we’re not academically rewarded when they were still students. Many were even drop outs, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

Don’t be to quick to judge. This does not mean studying, as well as awards and recognitions are not important. In fact, at work many are being motivated by the promised rewards. But you are also well aware of its limitations. 

Very rare, however, one learns success in the classroom. And parents must understand that success should be developed in the home and in real life experiences.

The school is only preparatory. The key to success is in the family.

Are you raising your children to become successful and significant? 

Are you walking with them through the path of success? 

Are you providing a positive place for them to have a positive life? 

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017

This article was originally given as a message addressed to the 2017 graduates and their parents at GeNext School of Leaders Foundation, Inc.


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