If You Only Have 3 Months, How Would You Live?

 My prayer is that you’ll take this question seriously.

The great Hebrew leader, Moses, said, “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” (Psa. 90:11)

When consider answering the question above, here are some significant things that could happen to you.

1. Face What Really Matters To You.

Have yo noticed that when you answer the main question being asked, you begin to see clearly the important things in your life?

The job, money, success, wealth, power, and other pursuits become irrelevant. Even the dream house, cars, and toys acquired in this world just fade away.

Instead, you begin to value the home, rather the house, the journey than the car, and the joy of living than the toys.

If one lived life with self-absorption, it is possible that one begins to think of others.

When a person faces a fatal disease or given an ultimatum in facing death, his or her life changes in terms of importance, purposes, and priorities.

Even if you’re healthy, there is wisdom in learning the answer to our question.

2. Fix How You Spend Your Limited Time.

When a person realizes the imminent death, especially those who were given only a few months to live, how he or she spends time changes.

If one has only three months to live, I doubt if the person would kill himself or herself to overwork and earn as much as he could. This is not to say that making money is not important. It only says that life is not all about money making.

To answer the question “how would you live if you only have three months?” clarifies how you spend your time.

The surprising truth is this: Have you noticed that your very answers to the question are usually the things that you don’t spend much time with right now?

When you realize that you’re spending much time on less important things or persons in life, you cannot help but fix the way you handle, manage, and invest your time.

So before you run out of time, make time for the important relationships and things in your life.

3. Focus On Where Would You Go.

In fact, I have met dying people who begin to see the value of securing the truth if they are in a genuine relationship with God.Not unless one has embraced that this is all there is in life, and death would mean

Not unless one has embraced that this is all there is in life, and death would mean the cessation of existence, then there is no hope. That’s why when someone comes to you bearing “good news” that after you die you just simply soul sleep, actually there is no good news at all. Whether you believe or not the message, there’s no difference.

For most, there is an embedded belief in eternal destinies after the physical death, that of eternal life or eternal death. Even the Bible is clear about it.

When one realizes death could come anytime, there is a shift on spiritual things rather than just the material world.

Life on earth is so short in compare to the eternal destiny waiting for you.

At the heart of Jesus’ message is this: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

So the choice to believe or not is still yours. Where will you spend eternity?

Glenn Plastina © 2017


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