What Can We Learn in Working Together?

Are you a team worker or a solo-rider? Let me illustrate.

It’s synergy between the BOCS and CARTC—not just partnership.

The interaction between Cordillera Administrative Region Training Center (CARTC) and Bless Our Cops (BOCS Cordillera) is synergistic in essence.

When the roadmap of PNP’s PATROL PLAN meets with the vision of BOCS, a nexus of hope emerges. The result is the birth of “the new breed of Police Officers.”

Thanks to the leadership of PSupt Benigno Durana and PSupt Pergentino Malabed. They steer CARTC towards becoming a premier training center in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, BOCS is grateful for this journey with CARTC. Ptr. Vio Muncada and the volunteers from responsive communities formed the BOC team. Now they are seeing an accelerating momentum to the values transformation among trainees.

CARTC is a strategic training ground for outstanding police officers in the future. Hence, the BOCS Cordillera continues to observe these working principles.

1. Bless Our Cops.

BOCS exists to bless the police force. It constantly prays for the Almighty God’s protection for everyone and the preservation of the PNP’s vision and mission, especially its core values: Makadiyos (God-fearing), Makabayan (Nationalistic), Makatao (Humane), and Makakalikasan (Environment-Friendly).

BOCS constantly invokes God’s favor upon the officers and trainees, upholding them through prayers and encouragements in their challenges.

It also acknowledges that the PNP and other armed forces of the government are “servants of God” as stated in the Bible (Romans 13:4).

BOC serves to aid the PNP in fulfilling such divine call.

2. Build Relationships.

BOC commits to serve as a support system to CARTC. It seeks to balance the participants’ total life to grow in wisdom and in favor with God and man.

Hence, BOC serves to draw out trainees to interact with each other. It is BOCS’ duty to lovingly listen to these future leaders.

BOC is not in the training camp to lecture but to facilitate understanding of PNP’s divine purpose. That is why, every volunteer of the team are flexible and balanced in perspective.

3. Become a Blessing to the Nation.

The ultimate mission of BOCS Cordillera is to help CARTC produce great officers who are God-loving, visionaries, with strong moral ascendancy and spiritual convictions that God has a great plan for our beloved country.

We only have one nation and God blesses us with liberty to honor him in whatever we do. As such, BOCS sees every officer and trainee as potential agent of change for a better Philippines.

No single institution in this world can solely meet the needs of everyone—no, not even the country, the church, the city, the community or the corporations.

This is where the idea and practice of synergy are direly needed. From the Greek word sunergos, synergy literally means together (sun) and work (ergon).

Through synergy, both CARTC and BOCS Cordillera can produce greater results. In this combined effort, the goal is to produce agents of transformation, an effect greater than the sum of our separate results.

Working together, indeed, is better than one.

A wise king once said, “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil” (Ecclesiastes 4:9).

Hooo-yahhh to CARTC and BOCS Cordillera! Aim High!

By: Glenn Plastina (c) 2017

This revised article first appeared in Balitok, the official publication of CARTC. Its original title was “The BOC and CARTC Synergy” by the same author.


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