The 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I have a genuine interest in genuine people.

Each of us has something that most of our friends do not know about. Do you?

In fact, the very persons who know us well are the only ones who know these seeming “secrets.”

Here are the 10 things my closest friends know about me that you most likely don’t know that much.

1. My birthday is on the same day as my grandmother. I was born on All Saints’ Day (while my sister on Christmas Day). This is quite a mystery for me, but Johnne Elliott, my eldest son’s birthday, coincides also with my father’s (his grandfather) birthday. The two generations in our family tree and connected on the same day are quite fascinating for me. But this one thing I know, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” That’s what God has to say also about you.

2. I knew what I want to be since elementary. I already declared verbally what I would become since I was grade 4–to become a pastor. Since then, it’s the only life I know. And I love it.

3. I was in a dance group when I was high school. This was then when break dance, neon colors, and MC Hammer were very popular.

4. I was a rock band lead singer and songwriter during high school. I shifted from R&B into a rock band as a vocalist and started writing songs in the later part of my high school years. Unfortunately, those were the years of my downfall into vices and violence as a small town gang leader. Thankfully, our past is not our future.

5. I graduated high school without a girlfriend (of course, without a boyfriend). My older half-brother used to scold me. “Don’t you ever take advantage of any girls. Just remember you mom and your sisters are women too.” Since then, I made a vow to be morally pure and look forward that my future wife would be my first and last.

6. I hate late. I grew up thinking that being late is being disrespectful of others’ time. Although there are some who intentionally try to be late so that others would think they’re busy, but still, I hate to be late. So I strive to be on time, even earlier than an hour nearby.

7. I love simplicity. I’m a believer on this: Simple is beautiful. I’m more attracted to simple lifestyles, designs, etc. Even in teaching and training, I love turning complicated things into simple concepts.

8. I wrote a wedding song for my wife and sang it on our wedding day. I wanted to sing “Till Death Do Us Part” by White Lion, my high school favorite. But I want our wedding day to be special. So I wrote the song “Two Hearts to One” just for the only woman who made me say, “I do.”

9. My favorite food is my wife’s home cooked Asian-taste food. I constantly enjoy a variety of Filipino-Chinese specialties of my wife, like Soy Chicken. Of course, the fine Filipino taste of adobo, crispy pata, sinigang, etc., are where my family feasts on the table, especially when there are Vietnamese spring rolls. All of these without MSG.

10. I wrote a book or two just exclusively for my family. For more than twenty years I kept my personal journals and reflections. Then I decided to write a journal-type book for my three children initially entitled A Father’s Journey: A Legacy. Currently, my wife and I are in the process of writing a new book for our family entitled The Story of Love, The Story of Us.

These are the 10 things most likely most of my casual friends don’t know about me. There are many other things, I believe. But so far, these are the most common things I only tell my closest friends.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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