What’s So Special About Your Mother’s Day?

When I was a kid, my late father wrote a poem entitled “Mother, You Are So Wonderful.” I didn’t memorize it but it left an indelible mark in my sisters’ memories.

Almost all of us have something special about mothers. But no matter how we idealize things, not all have good relationships and experiences with them.

Nonetheless, Mother’s Day is here to stay. 

Here are some simple ways we can do to make this day more meaningful. 

1. Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your Mom.

Obviously, Mother’s Day is incomplete without your mom. As a husband and father, I’m blessed to have a great wife and mother to our children.

Depending on what you value the most in your family, how you celebrate Mother’s Day reflects what is uniquely important for you. 

The goals of celebrating Mother’s Day is to remind yourselves of the important roles of mothers in the family and society, enjoy it in a meaningful way, and make it special in your own terms.

2. Compensate With Their Weaknesses. 

Some mothers are abusive, negligent, and bad examples to children–just like any other husbands. But I also found out that many mothers grew up in a less ideal environment of parenthood.

Depending on the depth of the experience, how mothers respond to the shortcomings of their parents matter also. Either they cover up or compensate well for their mother’s weaknesses. But the best ones make up from their unpleasant experiences. 

Moms could be dreamers or dream stealers. I have observed that many mothers are just repeating the vicious cycle of their upbringing. The big problem is when the daughters become mothers themselves. They also have the tendency continue in the same process. 

A handmade card of Angel Kaye Plastina for her loving mother, Caroline.

True mothers, however, know how to stop the vicious cycle in their own generation. They learn from their experience what works and what does not. As such, they change their ways of being a mother into something good. 

3. Capitalize on Their Strengths. 

No mother is perfect–just the right one. Unless everything is really wrong. Yet I have seen this also. Great moms were raised by good mothers. 

Each mother has their own strengths. Either they capitalize on their weaknesses (and be paralyzed) or strengths (and become better). 

I heard a young mom blaming her old absentee mother. “If only you spent time with us, we could have been closer to you.” It is a painful realization when the kids are turned into adults, there is no more time. 

Once you missed the opportunity to become a mother, you’ve lost it forever. You can’t return back time.

I question if ever one can recycle lost time. That’s why some would even resort into a permissive grandmother.

Have you also noticed why adopted children would still stick with their adopted parents even if they found their biological parents? 

Being a mother is more than just giving birth to someone. It’s really about nurturing and building the relationship between the mother and child that matter. In motherhood, it is about the bond, not just the blood.

Mothers are very important in the health of our society. Even the Bible gave importance to them, mentioning mothers at least 240 times, and specifically narrating many mothers in its history.

The Rev. Jeremiah Lepasana once said about mothers, “Let us understand that motherhood is a calling, a ministry, and you have to do your best to fulfill it.”

The best model of a great mother I have now is my wife. I thank God that my kids have a great mom. That’s why everyday is special for us. But still, my kids and I have special something for our very own mom this Mother’s Day.

How about you? What’s so special about your Mother’s Day today? 

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017 


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