The PNP Vision 2030: Is There Still Hope?

As a Christian leader and responsive community partner, it’s an honor to work with a vision-driven organization like PNP.

True leaders do not commit themselves to anything without vision, for it simply is without direction, even a waste of time. Clear visions, however, attract leaders of the same heart.

The PNP PATROL Plan 2030 Vision states, “Imploring the aid of the Almighty, by 2030, we shall be a highly capable, effective and credible police service, working in partnership with a responsive community towards the attainment of a safer place to live, work, and do business.”

This writer sees essential principles of “visioneering” for interested stakeholders.

Here’s why and how we can take part on it as a responsive community.

1. Revisit the Vision.

The PNP vision, foremost, is God-centered. In order to have a lasting impact, even eternal value, the vision itself is a self-confessing statement of belief in Superior Being. (To put it bluntly, no PNP is supposed to be an atheist.)

A grand vision must have a point of reference, a solid foundation on which it stands so that when troubles come, the vision remains constant.

The PNP vision recognizes God and His help as the Creator who established governments to fulfill His purposes in this world.

Can PNP vision fight human nature and systemic corruption with mere human strength? Honestly? Not at all!

But what government force in this world is more unique than the PNP trusting God in its future destination?

2. Respond as Community Stakeholders.

The PNP vision galvanizes stakeholders and manifest teamwork.

As a leader, I have always believe: No single institution can meet all the needs of its constituents, not even the government or the communities of faith. Everyone must work together, from top to bottom as well as from the center to its widespread partners—the responsive community.

This is where Bless Our Cops and Soldiers and others come in as a responsive community. The PNP vision attracts a visionary organization with a mission that is greater than a single self or collective capacity. This vision is far bigger than the leader’s ego or collective interests.

Since PNP dream is for the greater good of every Filipino, BOCS commits to partner in its journey towards its desired transformation.

3. Refocus on Nation Transformation.

The PNP vision’s perceived results are transformative, not just on the part of its participants but also on its recipients.

Visions are awakening calls for police change from the inside and on the outside. Some police forces in other countries took decades or even a hundred year to transform, but PNP vision has only 14 years to fulfill its vision. Such impossible task should force the PNP to really trust God to uphold the entire organization towards transformation.

This author himself believes that apart from God, there can be no real transformation because we are fighting against sinful human nature, not just systemic evil. We need God’s redemptive love, power and grace to change us towards a desired state in the present and future.

Thankfully, God loves the people of this world (John 3:16). Despite our shortcomings and weaknesses, He is here for us. And “if God is for us, who can be against us” (Romans 8:21)?

If PNP sees its path and destination as an impossible journey, who can be against it if God is also for PNP as His “servant” (Romans 13:4)?

Will God place and protect the rightful leaders who will manifest His righteousness in its every corner?

Even if God is everything in fulfilling the PNP vision, it is also certain that He will use God-fearing men and women to impact PNP at the core. This kind of leaders is needed in such a time like this.

I still believe, God will raise leaders who will accelerate the PNP vision for His glory.

Glenn Plastina (C) 2017

* This revised article was originally entitled “Revisiting the PNP Vision” and was published in Balitok, the official gazette of CARTC–Cordillera Administrative Regional Training Center.


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