How Do Volunteers of Bless Our Cops Serve the PNP?

The truth is, volunteerism is not dead. It is alive and well.

The synergy between CARTC–Cordillera Administrative Regional Training Center–and Bless Our Cops & Soldiers (BOC-Cordillera) continues.

From Mondays through Fridays, PNP recruits at CARTC attend life-changing training while BOC leaders from various Christian groups and sectors facilitate.

More volunteers are still coming as they are blessed with what is going on at CARTC. Indeed, the PNP’s PATROL PLAN 2030 is alive and well.

Volunteers are key to the success of BOC programs. Through the years, self-sustaining leaders who caught the vision of blessing cops and soldiers became the backbone of BOC.

How can BOC volunteers continuously help in achieving the PNP vision?

1. Leading as Models.

Bro. Boi Manuel’s leadership for BOC nationwide and Ptr. Vio Muncada (for CAR) are voluntary. Both of them are inspired of PSupt. Benigno Durana, PSupt. Pergentino Malabed, and other leaders who want to make a difference for God and country. They all exercise servant-leadership.

99_bigWith CARTC-BOC synergy, more volunteers are inspired to join the program. But they too must practice servant leadership by assisting PNP recruits.

Supporting the police trainees is a great avenue for building people together for they are future leaders.

2. Learn From Each Other.

Volunteers promote trainees’ total growth. As “iron sharpens iron,” active listening to life concerns, ideas even struggles without prejudgment are prerequisites.

Volunteers must continue to adhere to lifelong learning. More often, it is a two-way street. They too must expect to see more leaders emerging from the trainees.

If they are open and sensitive enough, they will learn a lot from each other. Hence, both trainees and trainers mutually benefit from the program.

3. Lift Up the Trainees

Trainees have been through a lot. For them to finish the course, volunteers are encouraged to motivate—not to do sermon but support.

To be an effective volunteer, one must learn the power of encouragement as many trainees are also going through personal and other family related problems.

Supporting the trainees to be strong and of good courage helps a lot. Their success is also the volunteers’ success. So stir trainees to excel and lead.

4. Live with Faith.

By God’s grace, the PATROL PLAN 2030 is possible. It’s a guiding compass for law enforcers. The vision itself acknowledged the role of God in achieving the grand goal.

To “invoke the Almighty” is to accept God’s providence to aid the PNP in attaining its vision. That demands faith. But where there is faith, God moves.

It has been said, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Prov. 29:18). This principle teaches that without vision, people live without direction and institutions without a destination.

However, if there is a vision, there’s better planning, determined action, discipline, consistency, great results, and significance.

If there’s one thing that should inspire volunteers to take the honor of blessing the cops and soldiers, see the PNP vision.

As such, by God’s providence, PNP stands out as an exemplary force to reckon with in the ongoing transformation of the Philippines.

Shalom to PNP-CARTC and BOC volunteers! Hold on to the vision.

Glenn M. Plastina (c) 2017

This article is originally entitled “BOC Volunteers at CARTC” and was published in Balitok, the official gazette of CARTC.


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