How to Boost Your Income? 

Are you a volunteer looking for better support system? Or a pastor considering to be a Bivocational? 

Or simply someone who wants to have financial freedom? 

Whether you’re looking for opportunities with a purpose to survive, sustain, supplement or succeed in supporting yourself to pursue your passion and mission, this special blog is for you.

With time and income potential in place, let me show three considerations.

1. Settle for Endowment for Support.

This option is for full-time volunteer or pastors. This could be in a form of love gift, offerings, donations, and the like.

If you have a sustainable support from a church or religious organization then that would suffice to meet your basic needs and, perhaps, desires. Or…

2. Set for Employment to Have Active Income.

As a former CEO, I’ve seen the pros and cons of employment, especially if you’re a pastor. You can be employed if you have the qualifications, skills, and license to work as an employee or professional. 

In employment, you trade time for income. Work for 8 hours, receive an amount. It follows the principle that “The worker deserves his wages.” But it also means, “no work, no pay.”

If you are working “full time” in a church, employment is the least or not an option because it requires the standard requirement for a full time job. But if you want, it’s your choice, depending on your capacity. And…

3. Start Entrepreneurship for Passive Income.

Do business until I come,” said the Master as he gave talents or bags of gold to his three servants. 

Wealthy wise people learned how to “put this money to work,” while others work for money. Anyone can also learn how to create passive income based on this principle.

One option is to have a traditional business. If you have or able to produce the big capital needed, make your own system of operations, and massive amount of time to build it, then you’re on the go.

Another option is to do micro-franchising business. With a minimum capital and ready-made system to follow, you can manage your time to exponentially duplicate yourself so that you will achieve your desired financial success or sustainability. 

The later option is popular through network-based businesses. Since leaders and pastors are natural networkers, they can build a network of people and create better results. As God’s Word says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.

The rule is, it is better to create a passive income or, best, multiple sources of passive incomes, in order to pursue your life-purpose and mission, dreams and vision, and/or goals and passion.

The reality check is that both employment and businesses come and go. There’s no guarantee that incomes would flow continuously, unless there’s no health breakdowns, system failures, and personal accidents. Choosing the company you do business with is important. That’s why a good business system is non-negotiable. 

The bottom line is, it’s a mindset. Money is not the problem, the mind is. It’s not even the root of all evil, but “the love of money” is. 

From a spiritual point, it is a matter of faith too. “According to the measure of your faith, so it shall be.” 

God can supply all your needs. He can use your employment or business o(r both) to boost your income. 

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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