Why Travel Internationally?

Are you dreaming of traveling to selected places in the whole world? Are there places in this world you dreamed of visiting before you grow weak and unable to travel?

Indeed, it’s true. To travel is to have life, not to get away with it.

It’s my dream to travel the whole world. Even if I don’t know how it will happen, at least traveling half-way-of-the-world is quite a good start for me.

From the Philippines to Hong Kong, Macau to China, Hawaii to Malaysia, Korea to Israel-Jordan-Egypt, San Francisco to NJ-NY and other US states, life is a journey and will continue to be.

So why intend to travel the world? Let me share some insights.

1. Be Purposive. 

Millions of people do international travels to have work and business. A few do missions’ work and volunteer services. These are common reasons for moving from one place to another to find greater opportunities.

In fact, many people were able to travel the world due to the nature of their work.

No matter what the circumstances, traveling abroad must be purposive. A classic example was St. Paul when he wanted to go to Spain to reach out to people. It’s part of his mission to “go to the world and make disciples.”

Whatever you have or consider as important, as early as possible, establish your purpose why you want to travel the world.

Is it to fulfill your dream vacation or goals? To do pilgrimage or fulfill your mission in life?

Is it to enjoy? To put variety in your life? Or simply to celebrate it?

2. Be Prepared.

International travels demands personal preparations.

Process your passport. Purchase travel tickets and accident insurance. Plan your itineraries and possible purchases. So don’t forget to bring foreign currency, aside from your international credit or debit card.

Of course, when you travel to other places unlike yours, be prepared also for some unlikely events and circumstances. Traveling to red flag areas could pose dangers and is not advisable. Avoidance is better. After all, there are better places to go.

However, even in “civilized” countries, you’ve got to face racial discrimination, culture shock, and others. Prepare yourself and stay informed.

3. Be People-Oriented.

When you travel abroad, you open yourself to total personal growth. This, for me, is the best purpose why I love to travel to other countries.

  • Spiritually, traveling helps you see the spiritual need of the world, fulfill your mission, or find fulfillment as a spiritual being. It could be a way of deepening your faith, as I did when I visited Israel.
  • Relationally, it’s a great time for the couple or family to get away just to be together.
  • Intellectually, you’re educating yourself on other people, history, and culture.
  • Emotionally, you appreciate the beauty of nations and nature, strengthen your relationship as a couple, find new friends, and the like.
  • Physically, you experience what you see, feel, and touch by just “being there.”
  • Socially, you meet new people, make friends along the way, and get to know other nationalities.
  • Financially, while many consider traveling as an expense and liability, you could turn it into an investment when you consider expanding your contacts, business opportunities, and other ways to make your business profitable.

The point is: Travel while you can. Time will come, you’ll be too weak to do so…then you’ll realize life has missed you.


Glenn Plastina with the IDF–Israeli Defense Force at Mt. Transfiguration, Israel.


Be open for life’s great surprises when you travel.

The best thing that ever happened in my international travels was in finding my lifetime partner, Carol. Out of the billions of people out there, she’s the one.

Perhaps for you, greater things are yet to come.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017



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