Why Travel Around Your Country? 

From Bukidnon to Batanes, and Baguio, the City of Pines, as my home base, to anywhere in the Philippines, traveling is my passion.

There are people who travel to escape life. But there are those who do it for life not to escape them. Either way, traveling is a matter of life.

As a kid, I love going outdoors. The wonder years of my childhood include hiking on the nearby mountains and hills of Malaybalay, exploring the jungle-side, camping in Kaamulan, swimming rivers, springs, and falls, as well as going to nearby towns, and more.

That childhood spirit to wander and explore has never faded in any way.

Then I made these important decisions in my life–and hope you too–through the following:

1. Don’t Be a Stranger In Your Own Homeland.

When I was young, I left my hometown right after high school, took a three-day voyage on a ship, and lived on my own as 16 years old.

When I look at the past, traveling today is easier than before.

I intentionally put traveling in my priorities and “To-Do-List.” You may want to do it in your own Wish List, Goals, Dream Board, etc.

If all journey starts with a single step, then making the decision to discover, explore, tour, or visit interesting local places is a good start.

On the same side, I also don’t want my family to become strangers in their own land. So also implanted that values in their lives to be curious about various cultures, landscapes, and people.

The Philippines, for example, has a very rich history, heritage, cultures, and people. I don’t want them to be a stranger in their homeland.

2. Do Travel. 

Going to local destinations is exciting. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Start small to the nearest spots from your location. Traveling abroad is great, but if you want to fulfill your dream to travel, start from your own backyard.

Sometimes it only takes a weekend only to enjoy a tourist destination in your province or country. When I was a student, I did it during term breaks.

Prepare for yourself. Plan for your trips. Save a decent budget.

Traveling widens your perspective in life and leadership. It is one way of expanding your self.

If you want to maximize your personal growth, before you travel to a certain spot, you may search ahead of the historical overview of the place. As much as possible, be explore and curious.

3. Discover New Places and People.

It is advisable that when you travel, you explore light. Eat local delicacies or specialties and taste the culture. Capture the moment.

When you visit other places, raise more friends. Trust your heart to discern good people from bad.

Since this is only a short blog, I encourage you to learn from other travelers. Don’t just rely on trip advisors. But do your homework.

I’ve got friends who love to travel and they shared their thoughts. If you want to see some interesting places, I recommend the blog of Earl Bolivar, my traveling friend. Check www.suroypilipinas.com for his travelogue.

What I love about traveling is having the opportunity to learn from other people, culture, and lifestyles. It opens my eyes to see and appreciate the idiosyncrasies of every people group.

The danger often comes when tourists only see the places but not the people. Treating people as commodities and customers is a result of commercialism. On the darker side, it promotes prostitution, illegal activities, exploitation, and abuses.

Of course, tourism provides good marketing value from an economic point. It gives work to people for earning their living. But it is not the end in itself.

I think, the best value of traveling is in the promotion of the culture of sensitivity, appreciation of history, and preservation of heritage.

You can agree or disagree. It’s only a perception of mine.

If you’re a nature lover like me, you could experience the wonder of God through nature. As the Bible says that the creation “declares the glory of God.”

For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made” Don’t miss to get closer to God through the appreciation of nature–not the worship of it.

How about you? Do you travel? Why?

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017



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  1. Thanks for featuring my blog Pastor Glenn! Keep up the good work of inspiring others. God bless you and your family always!

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