Why Must You Fail?

Many people wanted to succeed, but most would fail.

In fact, I’ve failed many times in many ways than I succeeded. But life goes on.

Several times in my workshops, I challenge my trainees, to show me a truly successful person in our community or city who did not fail. I’m quite confident because until now, I don’t know of anyone.

Why is that so? And why must you learn to face failures?

1. Fail Forward.

What if failure is an end in itself? Then we don’t have the likes of Edisons, Jordans, Sanders, and more.

One of the main reasons why most people fail is because they’re afraid of it. As such, playing things safe, not giving their all, or waiting for the perfect timing (an elusive thing, by the way) become the formula for a flopped life.

The truth is: Failure is not totally bad. In fact, it is good for your success.

If you want to succeed, you must accept the fact that failure is an integral part of it. Abraham knows it, as well as Joseph, Samuel, Moses, David, Solomon, among many great leaders in the Bible.

People who are always afraid to fail are usually the ones unlikely to succeed.

All successful people could attest that they become fruitful due to many failures. But they did not allow failures to stop them. Instead, they used it to move or fail forward.

2. Focus on Your Principles.

People have different ideas of what success is. It is your personal duty to define what success really means to you.

One of the least popular definitions of success is “a series of failures.” Success happens when the person refuses to give up in the midst of failures until he or she achieved it.

Why is that so? It’s because there are forces stronger than failures. These are your principles.

Be it goals, dreams, vision, purpose and/or mission, your ability to focus on these principles matter to success or total failure.

If your fear of failures is stronger that your dreams, then you’re doomed to fail. But if you embrace failures as part of the process of achieving your superior values, then your potential to succeed is just a matter of time.

3. Fight for Your Principles.

Success calls for courage. The same is true for failures. It takes a courageous soul to face failures.

But what made those once-failures into success? They fought for their principles. Like all the champions the world has known, they rose above their failures.

Some of the classic examples we have who persevered in the midst of several failures are champion athletes Manny Pacquiao, Eduard “the Landslide” Folayang, Honorio Banario, and more.

The same is true for all world-renown entrepreneurs, leaders, influencers, investors, capitalists, generals, and more.

Everyone, like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and more, experienced failures before achieving success.

People may be so unkind to failures but who says you need people’s dislikes and to keep you from succeeding? It’s either you stay a total letdown by avoiding failure and playing it safe or you take the risks, pay the rice, and persevere.

Failure becomes the end result only when you give up. The best way to face failure is not to be afraid of it.

You will never appreciate success without failures.

Make failure a friend or a foe. Which is one is for you?

As for those who believe, “the righteous falls seven times and rises again.” They rise again until they succeed.

Glenn Plastina © 2017


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