Why Care About Israel – Philippines Relations?

If you don’t know the history, you’re doomed to repeat its mistakes.

But, I say, if you learn from history, you’ll accelerate your life and leadership.

In fact, after I visited Israel a few years ago, I also saw that supernatural growth of an ordinary life like mine.

I’m a history buff. Believe me. Israel-Philippines has a very interesting history.

I’ll share three things.

1. Check Out Israel’s Influence in Philippine History.

As a kid, aside from the Bible, I’ve read about the military strategy of The Six-Day War. And I loved understanding military history ever since.

Even now, I still frequently monitor what’s going on in Israel for I believe it has biblical significance in interpreting the signs of times.

Historically, to a wide extent, the Philippines as a “Christian nation,” despite its shortcomings, has its roots and is exposed by the Judeo-Christianity through the Bible.

As such, when you explain the biblical concept of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s not much a strange idea. For through the Christianity and the Bible, the Filipinos were introduced to the Jewish roots of the faith.

As a Filipino Christian, it is with deep honor and utmost privilege to know the most significant Jew in human history: Jesus Christ.

2. Connect the Link Between Israel and the Philippines.

The Prophet Isaiah said, “Shall a nation be brought forth in one day?” Let’s see.

For almost two thousand years of “dispersion” as prophesied by Christ, Hebrew people have no nation, land, or political government.

What fascinates me the most was when Israel became a nation with the Philippines playing a very crucial role in fulfilling God’s plan.

The United Nations was divided in voting for and against Israel becoming a nation state. Then God used the Philippines, the only Asian nation to do so.

The UN Secretary General, Carlos P. Romulo, a Filipino, broke the tie in favor of Israel (UN Resolution 181). It was a historic rebirth and independence of Israel on May 4, 1948.

This Israel-Philippine relationship went stronger during the Holocaust, coinciding with the presidency of Manuel L. Quezon. The Philippines was the only Asian nation who accepted Jewish refugees while most of the world turned its back on God’s chosen people.

I encourage you to learn more of Israel-Philippine’s history to keep your faith grounded.


Glenn Plastina at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel.


Even though not all Jews believe in Judaism, as I’ve met some agnostics before, as a Jesus follower, I still respect them for their spiritual heritage and significance.

I’m still glad that there are increasing communities of Messianic Jews in the world

3. Celebrate the Relationship.

There are symbolic celebrations to the bilateral relations between Israel and Philippines.

February 26, 1958, the Treaty of Friendship was formalized between Israel and Philippines. Israel offers free visa (of which I myself experienced) for Filipino tourists as an act of gratitude to the Philippines’ open door policy during the Holocaust.

Israel Philippines stamp.jpg

On 23 December 2007, the Biggest Flag and Banner in the Guinness World of Records were that of Israel and the Philippines together. Grace Galindez-Gupana, a Filipina evangelical Christian businesswoman, invested on the giant flag and banner in honor to that relationship. That Philippine flag was also unfolded in Baguio City sometime.

In 2009, Israel dedicated the Philippines Open Doors Monument in the Holocaust Memorial Park.

These words are true. “For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”

Be hopeful! It’s time to bless Israel.

Currently, the Israel – Philippines Festival is going on to celebrate Jerusalem’s 50th and Israel’s 70th Year of Freedom.Baguio, see you at Melvin Jones this Friday.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017




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