Why Visit Calle Uno?

Have you been to places that inspire you to reflect? Such havens could be cool and challenging. Just recently, I got one.

The moment I went in, I have that sense I’m into something special. I somehow have a special attachment to that thing of beauty.

The curves. The new tone. The new outfit. The new looks. She’s familiar—very familiar because she used to be mine.

She’s my vintage 60s Volkswagen Beetle. And she’s at the center of attraction…and in better hands at Calle Uno.

As I have the honor to meet these remarkable entrepreneurs, Sir Ace Estrada and his partner, Andy, the owner-manager of Calle Uno, they graciously toured my friend and me around.

The encounter—I believe it as a divine appointment—somehow made me think about life and see the similarities while I’m indulged with a sweet, fresh shake.

1. Repurpose.

Calle Uno, a booming co-working business center, is a concept-driven place, a creative haven for entrepreneurial innovators.

Honestly, it interests me because of its fusion of history and ingenuity, past and future. The place itself was an old residence and redesigned for a specific purpose.

Calle Uno is a compact community of creatives. It’s where creative minds with character thrive.

The place was made by design and elegantly functional. The ideas-centered are also positioned in making globally competent educators and entrepreneurs.

Likewise, I think of life as a by-product of an absolute Creative. It’s not by chance where an explosion happened and presto! The buildings and facilities existed—and people came about.

Everything I see has a purpose, just like life has.

2. Restore.

The idea of restoration carries transformation.

That 60s beetle, a piece of history I was cautious to let go, was badly beaten-by-time. But it’s transformed into a Binge Beetle. Guests love to take pictures on it.

Other Volkswagen beetles were retrofitted into stylish food carts where you can relish delicious foods but affordable ones.

But what inspired me was this. Calle Uno is also a place where individuals from humble beginnings can turn into empowered speakers and enriched innovators. It’s where dreams can turn into realities too.

Isn’t it beautiful that things can be restored into something better? Or that better can turn into great? How much more about one’s life!

3. Revolutionize.

Calle Uno is not just an old house turned into a hub of techies and technology. Actually, there are other pieces of history there. And these items are still working.

But don’t be mistaken. One thing I like about Calle Uno’s visionaries is that they think outside the box. They inspire innovation and good marketing strategy to revolutionize the market.

I have an impression that “the future is here now.” It’s because the radical approach to developing start-ups and marketing ideas are rich.

We are no longer in the Industrial age. But here, the convergence of ideas in an Information Age changes the game of economy in a progressive manner. Those who are not willing to learn will just find themselves obsolete.

My time is short. But I have light feelings with the couple. They are very approachable and kindhearted. How can I withhold my blessings? I can’t and wouldn’t.

Believe me, I’m not a shareholder. I’m just a satisfied and inspired customer who is looking forward to investing my time and talent into something great for the future—to help the greatest number of people possible.

Calle Uno is quite a place to inspire someone like me. And you could be.

So when you’re in Baguio City, Philippines, drop by Calle Uno. I recommend it as a wholesome haven.

Glenn Plastina © 2017

Glenn Plastina with Ace Estrada, the visionary behind Calle Uno. Calle Uno is located at 3 Escota corner Nagiilan Road, Quezon Hill, Baguio City.

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