Why Worry When You Can Be Happy? 

Are you troubled with anything today? Worried about a lot of things? Anxious about the outcome of the future?

I was a kid when I became familiar with the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” But this song is not a gospel for me. This is a good news:

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” ~ Apostle Peter

Let me show you how I specifically overcome worry based on that statement above.

1. Throw The Problems Away.

I love being a problem-solver. I even wrote an upcoming book-length Power Moves to help people solve problems and win.

As you know, worry is a state of mind that is dwelling in troubles and difficulty. It is a feeling of being burdened, nervous, and uncomfortable. Basically, it is very subjective, a matter of the heart without a sense of control.

But who says, you have to be in control all the times? A person’s obsession for control causes too much problem in life and leadership, including relationships and work. One may have a healthy control, but not total control.

In all these years, I learned that there are times you calculate your moves on things within your grasp.

But there are many things in this world beyond your control that causes worries. So cast your problems away, especially those that you don’t have control over.

2. Trust God.

To cast problems is not an irresponsible act or negligence. In fact, it is intentional. When you intentionally throw something, you need a direction and believe it will go as you intended it to be.

Like the fishermen, to cast a net is to throw fully and spread the net. But you don’t have control over the sea or the fish.

You have to learn how to trust God when you throw off everything to Him. I mean “everything,” not few, not some–even those you know you can do.

Do you still remember when as a kid, you don’t worry about tomorrow because you simply trusted your parents to provide for your needs–and sometimes wants, depending on the kind of parents you’ve got?

Worry is the opposite of trust. Perhaps you’ve got to know well who do you trust the most.

Well, why worry about tomorrow when you know Who holds tomorrow?

3. Take This Truth To The Whole New Level.

The truth is, the more I keep the problem within, the more I feel out of control. So I learned how to let go and lift it higher.

God cares. He does not control or coerce people. Take God for who He is, not just on what He can do.

When you worry, you go down to that level of unbelief. But when you fully understand how much God cares for you, you cannot help but take your game to a higher level.

If you have God, you are no longer limited by your circumstances. Sky is no longer the limit, but God is.

Memorize this with all your heart. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

So, friends and folks, why worry when you can really, truly be happy?

Glenn Plastina (c) 2016


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