Is God Dead?

Many call it Black Saturday. Some consider it the blackest of all days. My old folks forbid us to play when I was a child, telling us that, “the Lord is dead.”

I was perplexed. But then, it compelled me to not take everything lightly and really try to understand what I truly believe. After all, it’s my life that’s at stake here.

Here are some applied principles I learned that I really love sharing.

1. Thank God For He Demonstrated His Love For You.

Apostle Paul said, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

The good news is crystal clear. God loves you. No doubt about it.

However, the bad news is also very clear. We are all sinners. Therefore, we have wronged against this holy God who loves us.

As such, a perfect sacrifice must be met to make forgiveness possible. That’s what Christ did for us here. While we’re still sinners, Jesus died, not for himself, but for you and me.

Don’t you know that Christ’s death on the cross is His greatest act of love for you? When was the last time you thanked Him?

2. Trust Him Who Died For You.

Jesus gave up His life that you may live. If you believe.

The fact is, Jesus died for you. The truth is, His death would not mean a thing for you if you don’t believe in Him alone. Remember, Jesus died for you, not anyone else.

Isn’t it an insult to Jesus’ death if we think His ultimate sacrifice is not enough for us?

If a person cannot trust Jesus alone, why would He save that someone if he or she is not 100% dependent on Him?

3. Take The Death of Jesus Seriously.

I remember one theology student asked me as a theology teacher. “Sir, when Jesus died on the cross, what nature died there? Was it his divine nature or human nature?

Of course, it was his human nature. His death is only applicable to his bodily sacrifice. But you know what? The fact that Jesus died for the sins of humanity, everyone must seriously consider His sacrifice.

Muslims believe that it was not Jesus who died on the cross, but Allah replaced him with someone else. Some speculators even taught that it was a phantom, while some theologians assume that Jesus’ death is meaningless.

A famous atheist, Friedrich Nietzsche, said, “God is dead.” Perhaps, because there is no meaning of his life, he committed suicide. (After his death–I heard it from an illustration of my friend–his spirit went to appear before the judgment day of God. When he stood there, God said. “Nietzsche, you’re dead.”)

Regardless of what philosophers surmise, Jesus died for us all, but it doesn’t mean God is dead. In fact, I’m more excited what comes after the black Saturday! Are you?

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017



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  1. Great post! I liked how you talked about the cross and how Jesus was a sacrifice for everyone, but he personally gave himself for me. Keep it up!


  2. Nice ptr glen


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