Why Not Have a Third Party in Your Marriage?

I’m a married man and I want more from my marriage.

Married couples, how about this?

If you want more of your marriage, get a third party.

But don’t be too quick to judge. When couples hear the word “third party,” they think of an extra-marital affair, a mistress or a lover outside marriage, right? Yet, that’s not what I mean.

Here is why I believe you need a third party in your marriage and what are you going to do about it.

1. Marry for a Lifetime.

Before you made the most important decision to marry, I assume, you should have asked: Is this the person I want to live for the rest of my life?I believe marriage is not a

I believe marriage is not a mere contract. It’s a commitment of a lifetime. It means, even if at times you don’t feel the romantic love, you choose to love because you are committed to each other. Such covenant is essential to a built-to-last marriage.

While most people marry for love, the kind of love the world is teaching us is more often spelled as l-u-s-t. So when the sexual feelings fade, so is the commitment to the purity of the marriage.

As such, when a third party comes in, the covenant of exclusivity in marriage is stricken or broken. In my life, I’ve seen marriages severed because of unfaithfulness—worse, many did not last.

But it is my joy to see people’s marriages last a lifetime, just like my parents did and many others.

2. Make Christ as the Center of Your Marriage.

When you allow someone outside the covenant of your marriage to come in, it’s either for better or for worse. But what I have is for the best: having Jesus Christ as the “third party” in your marriage.

Marriage is often between two parties: the first one being the husband and the second being the wife. Each has his or her distinctive roles. And the bond that keeps them together is the spirit of love.

The truth is: making Jesus Christ as the center of marriage is the ultimate love triangle a couple could have. Christ can provide the strong and unshakable foundation for a lifelong marriage.

With Christ as the third party, your marriage is strengthened, empowered, and balanced.

3. Move Higher.

Having Christ at the pinnacle of your marriage, both parties—the husband and wife—must make a move to a higher level of their marriage.

If the husband or wife moves away from the center-top of their marriage, the triangle is deformed, so is the marriage.

But as the husband and wife move to the top, nearer to Christ at the zenith, the triangle is getting intimate and perfected.

The closer the couple set, the stronger they get.

Why is that so? It’s because Christ’s intimate love is very transformative. If the couple gives Christ the preeminence in their marriage, He can demonstrate his sacrificial love in a limitless way—just like what He has for the Church as His bride.

If your marriage is not working, as you desired it to be, why not give Christ a chance

Make him the most beautiful and the best that could ever happen in your marriage. I’m pretty confident about it because my wife and I did it.

Since then, I don’t have any regrets that Christ could not compensate. The more I love Christ, the more my love for my wife is getting stronger. So is she.

Now, are you ready to have Jesus as your third party?

Glenn Plastina © 2017


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