How to Live Your Life to the Fullest? 

The ultimate secret of living to the fullest is to grow in every area of your life.

If a person focuses on one aspect of life, there is a tendency to be extreme and imbalanced as if you have to really choose either family or money. As a result, such disproportion leads to harmful pursuits or unnecessary suffering and pain to any related person.

Well, you don’t have to be. When a person desires to live life to the fullest, maintaining that balance as a whole is crucial.

Here are three simple steps I could recommend for you.

1. Get Higher. 

Spiritually, be in a personal relationship with God through Christ Jesus. Know why you were created and have that sense of mission in life.

Check your spiritual health. You’re a spiritual being, so don’t neglect your soul and spirit. You can’t fully live without it. Be concerned of your eternal destiny.

Emotionally, be in love and enjoy being loved. Enjoy marriage and having a family–or simply love your friends and keep those who really love you!

Don’t you know that God loves you first before you loved Him? If you realize that you are divinely loved, it would be easier for you to love and have compassion for others well. Saturate your whole being with positive attitude and gratitude.

2. Go Deeper.

Mentally, you go beyond being shallow. Grow in knowledge of the truth about God, the humanity, the world, and–if you’re a practicing Christian–Jesus Christ. Gain essential experience of your passion, roles, and work.

Have peace of mind, wisdom, and understanding. Be renewed in your mindset.

Physically, keep an active life through exercise. Stay healthy and fit by going deeper than skin. Your food should be your medicine.

Have inner cleansing and detoxify your body. These will fix a lot of external problems of the body, not just as a physical element but, as “a temple” of spiritual significance.

3. Grow Wider.

Socially, be a human being and a leader. Do good to others and influence them to become better. Relate to people as you would relate them to you.

Make friends and be socially responsible in your community or work. Above all, share the good news of Christ to those who need it.

Financially, be debt-free. Your world will shrink if you’re financially problematic. Make tithing and saving a habit, as well as plan your expenses on basic needs. As much as possible, have multiple sources of income–be it active and passive.

Invest wisely for it’s a bonus when you have money to buy what you really want, send your kids to good colleges, travel farther, or give back to the world.

Again, the love of money is the root of evil–not money itself. In fact, the opposite is also true.

Have you observed that the lack of money also causes a lot of evils? No wonder, Jesus talked more about money than on many other topics.

But don’t forget. Christ himself declared why He has come: “That they might have life and have it to the full.

Now that’s more than just a meaningful life. It’s a whole new world to grow, not just on one aspect at the expense of the other but, in all areas of your life.

Now, do you see the wisdom of living life to the fullest? Why not make your own philosophy of life and encapsulate it in less than 500 words?

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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