How To Bless Your City or Community in Little Ways?

I’m a city-dweller, although I like nature so much.

My fascination with people, landscape, and culture was developed more when I resided at Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. It’s where the challenges of city life meet the beauty of nature.

However, have you observed that when you live in a populated place, you feel like you’re too small to make a difference?

I understand because I felt that way before. But I also noticed that when I embraced that kind of mindset, it didn’t help my attitude.

So I decided to make a little change. I want to make some tiny steps to help my city—and I hope, you’ll also consider these too in your own situation wherever you are.

1. Don’t Underestimate the Small Beginnings.

When I realized that if I make a commitment to grow at least 1% a day I could get 365% growth at the end of the year, it motivated me to change.

It’s like reading one page a day and finishing a full volume book in a year—at least one is better than nothing. How much more if I’ll read a chapter a day, how many books would I benefit from in a year?

As a book reader myself, I know what I’m accomplishing: small steps lead to greater accomplishments.

2. Define Your Little Steps.

As I realize that there’s no harm in making small but positive steps for growth, I decided to identify them.

Here are my ten (10) little ways to help my city.

  • Dispose of your garbage properly.
  • Be considerate to women and elderly in riding a jeepney.
  • Obey traffic rules, even when no one is watching.
  • Respect everyone with a smile.
  • Take care of public properties as you would for yourself.
  • Ask for receipts for every purchase.
  • Don’t be late in your every appointment.
  • Pay your community tax certificate.
  • Pray for your community leaders and bless them.
  • Pay it forward till everyone does things in their own little ways.

Why? It’s because you too can do it. You can make a similar list to remind yourself if you wish.

3. Do Those Little Steps.

Now that I have my little ways, I make ways to accomplish them as I can. Every time I observed to do I know I’m improving.Have you observed what happens to

Have you observed what happens to yourself when you do something good? How does it feel?

Now, some of your big ways could be small for others, while what’s small for you could be big for others. It does not matter. Making a small step to argue less could be a great deal.

You may not be able to do all of them, but at least you’ve done something.

If we’ll do these tiny ways and count them together, we could make a giant leap towards a better place to live.

If together we share, everyone could take part in making a culture of care.

Glenn Plastina © 2017



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