Why Should You Have Inner Change? 

You’ve heard the cry, “change is now.” Today, change is going on. With all these massive hopes and dreams for change, the question is: are you willing to change yourself?

Change is the only thing in this world you can’t change. However, there’s a big difference between a natural process of change and intentional transformation.

The natural change would just direct to decay, deterioration, and demise. But intentional transformation leads to something good, better, and best. That’s a great future.

If you want something better, here are some major steps to take a reasonable change.

1. Begin From Within.

Ordering your inner world is harder than organizing your external life. Changing the outside form without internal cleansing will only lead to a cosmetic and shallow change. It will only work for a moment but it won’t last.

As such, all change becomes effective if it starts from the inside. If dysfunctional governments and corporate entities want to make lasting change, internal detox is needed to regain its health. Or else, change will only bring hemorrhage.

On a personal level, how about you? If you so desire to see change, are you willing to change your attitude and opinions in a positive way?

Are you willing to make a change from within to effectively transform yourself into someone better?

St Paul is right. “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” All meaningful change must begin from your mindset, heart, and spirit. Those are something from within.

2. Bridge From One Place To Another.

If you’re not satisfied with what’s going on in your life now, what do you really want and where do you want to be?

Moving from point A (where you are now) to point B (your destiny) demands strategy and plan. But building that bridge would require a different mindset, attitude, and spirit. You can’t solve a future problem using the same mind that created it first.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to be.” For you to change, you have to give up something you won’t need–your old life, mentality, and habits. Or else, when you reach that destiny, you’ll only revert to your old state and live the same.

For you to change, you have to give up something you won’t need–your old life, mentality, and habits. Or else, when you reach that destiny, you’ll only revert to your old state and live the same.

3. Believe to Act Accordingly.

Visionary leaders need faith. The bigger the vision, the bigger the faith demanded. The bigger the faith needed, the more massive action is required. The same principle on a personal scale.

True change needs power. The massive movement of anything requires more power. If you want a genuine change of the heart and spirit, you need more than self-help. You need spiritual power.

In fact, a nation that desires to change without spiritual help will only perpetuate more darkness. As such, acts of violence, manipulation, misinformation, and misuse of wealth are used to implement change.

In the end, the change is just a form of exchange. There is no genuine transformation. Just a change of leadership but of the same substance of power-play and corruption.

Making a difference is not easy. Imagine a sick person trying to recover. Many could not even take the discipline to regularly take their medicine–until it’s too late.

The heart of genuine transformation is the transformation of the heart. However, the heart is really deceptive. Good intentions are easily spoiled because of it. As such, all well-meaning change could lead to another problem.

As the PNP Chief admits the importance of “connection with God” to the desired change, it’s getting clearer. The key is a change of heart, not just a change of mind. This is more than making a different opinion or attitude.

From a Christian view, the only cure for the problem of the heart is the cross of Christ. Don’t misunderstand this. This is not about religion. (Have you noticed that the most religious nations are the very ones that need change?)

Genuine change, be it on a massive or personal scale, need the higher power of God because only God can change the heart of a person, even the heart of the nation which is the marketplace.

Therefore, for me, Gen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa is on the right point.

What you and our nation need is a genuine relationship with God, not too much “religiosity” that breeds self-righteousness.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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