How to Bless Our Cops?

I’m a strong supporter of cops. I have a sister, Amor, who is a police officer right now and some relatives who serve the uniform service. In fact, when I was a boy, I fancy myself as a police.

While my wife and I were avid watchers of 24, our kids infectiously liked Ang Probinsyano. It’s good to guide our children regarding the values, lessons, and life journey of Cardo as the cop-hero.

While it is evident that there are noble cops, what is often portrayed in media is that cops are bad. Parents even use the police in instilling fear to their children. That disturbs me.

The very people in authority to serve and protect us, we fail to serve and protect.

Here are some ways you may be able to do to bless our cops.

1. Speak Well of Them.

You cannot bless if you bad-mouth our cops. To bless is to invoke blessings from God. As such, when you speak well and habitually pray for the cops and their families, you’ll have a change of heart.

Cops are humans too. Don’t believe that all cops are bad. It’s a lie, a fallacy of generalization. Refuse to be a tale-bearer, but be a “blesser.”

Don’t believe everything you hear about them (if you don’t want them to believe everything they hear about you). Find those model and outstanding officers. Invite them to your community programs or schools and learn from them.

Find those model and outstanding officers. Invite them to your community programs or schools and learn from them.

 2. Support Community Programs of Cops for the Community.

The problem with most citizens is that we don’t bother to visit the police stations until we are in trouble. Yet, when people are in trouble, they don’t call criminals for help.

If you partner with the cops in their community services, we’ll have a better society. Get involved. Instead of becoming a critic, be cooperative.

Serve those who serve and protect those who protect. Adopt a station and help in your own special ways. Be a volunteer.

The Holy Scripture says, “Remind them [Christians] to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work.

3. Stick to Each Other.

If you think you can call on bad elements for long-lasting security, you are wrong. The only protector you’ll have when worse comes to worse are the God-instituted authorities.

In a civilized society and for law-abiding citizens, your cops are your friendly neighbor. “But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he [the police] does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.”

As one spiritual leader says, “Christ first knocked on your heart’s door. Since you refused it, the police also knocked next at your door.

The protection of our people is best achieved through partnerships. These dynamics are between citizens, cops, churches, corporations, communities, cities, and country. Those practicing Christians in the midst of these entities can truly make a difference

If you’re a spiritual leader or pastor, join Bless Our Cops. If you’re a police officer find an MBK–My Brother’s Keeper. Those practicing Christians in the midst of these entities who are committed to the Gospel, they can truly make a difference as agents of change.

How about you? Do you have creative ways to be a blessing to our cops?


Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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