How to Have a Meaningful Travel?

I love traveling. So far, my meaningful trips were going to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, as well as the USA, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Macao, HK, etc. I even have that dream to travel the whole world with my family, not just half of it!

But it all started when I decided not to be a stranger in my beloved country, the Philippines. From my beautiful home province of Bukidnon to settling in Baguio, as well as a one-year stay at the paradise island of Batanes, touring Palawan, and more, that sense of wonder never faded.

There are more and beautiful destinies to experience, so I also follow the posts of other travelers.

My recent travels gave me opportunities to reflect regarding life. Here are three major things that you could consider also.

1. Start Where You Are Now.

I know where my home is. It’s where my family lives together. Above all, it’s a place where I see the best in me, living in the presence of my Master.

Where you are coming from provides the big context of the life you have. And knowing where you are is as important as knowing where to go.

If you at your present, you should ask. Is this the life you wanted? Are you settling for more or less?

Or you want to explore the best of what life could offer and fulfill your mission.

2. See Where You’re Going.

It’s anyone’s choice to become an aimless wanderer. So far, so many have resigned to fate rather than having faith to see or create their future.

If you decide to get out from being stuck, move some place where you want to be. Don’t be a sitting duck. Envision you destiny.

Traveling with a destiny creates eager anticipation that you’ll most likely arrive there. Nobody wants to take a bus and just end up somewhere they’re not supposed to be there.

3. Set When to Get There and How.

It does not matter where you want to be if you’ll not take the ride to be there. It’s just like watching a tourist view of the land on a television without being there at all.

When you travel, you consider the time when will you arrive. It’s either you want it slow, fast, or super fast. That’s the time you decide to take the right vehicle to your preferred destination, either to take the tricycle, a car, bus or plane.

The same principle in life. You can’t reach your destiny faster than you should if you’re taking the slow car at all.

Don’t expect to reach your dream in your lifetime if you’re taking a vehicle that could only bring you there after two lifetimes.

What I love about traveling is enjoying the trip itself, not just the destination. Just watching the people and places along the way makes me realize the intricate beauties and diversities of life.

But you know what? At the very end of the road, regardless of how many souvenirs we got, we carry nothing except memories at the ultimate destiny of all the journeys in life.

So, what’s next? And where?

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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