How to Face Insecurity?

Are you struggling with low self-esteem? Are your performance weakened by lack of self-confidence?

All our lives, we have been observers of human behaviors. We’ve seen how an anxiety about oneself stifle a person to become the best in their field.

Have you observed also that when you feel uncertain about yourself, you often sabotage your work? How do you really feel when you often short-sell and short-circuit yourself and work?

Consider these simple steps to improve your self-worth.

1. Find Out Why You Have Low Self-Esteem.

If you often find yourself lacking in confidence, don’t judge yourself too quickly. Take time and be reasonable.

Is it because of your appearance, upbringing, incompetence or economic background that you feel insecure?

If you can’t find solid reasons why you are insecure, it’s simply an illusion, something you make of yourself but are not necessarily true.

Remember that self-esteem is more of your feeling, but not necessarily a reason.

In fact, what you think about yourself does not mean that’s what people think about you. So identify what really made you low and deal with it squarely.

2. Focus On Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses.

Have you observed that the moment you focus on your incompetence, weaknesses or inabilities, your confidence diminished? But how about your strengths and other qualities?

The truth is, every person has strengths. Use your emotional, mental, physical or experiential qualities to solve and overcome insecurities. If necessary, seek help from others to develop your qualities.

The fact that you’re aware of your shortcomings, it means you have strengths. You won’t have ideas about what is bad if you don’t know what is good. Instead of focusing on what you lack, refocus on what you have.

Since everyone is unique, don’t compare yourself or extent of capabilities with others.

3. Foresee Your Undisputed Potential.

If you lack confidence in yourself, why would others put their confidence in you?

I’ve have seen weak individuals become strong and the worst transformed into wonderful people. It’s just a matter of attitude.

If you possess a teachable spirit, willing heart to change, and commitment to grow your confidence, insecurity will eventually weaken.

Know who you really are. From the Hebrew-Christian view, you are God’s “image-bearer.” Although you’ve observed professing Christians without self-confidence, God deposited so much in you that insecurity is not a sign of good spirituality.

St. Paul said, “I (the image-bearer self) can do all things through Christ (the perfect image-bearer).” By the time you’ve started to believe like this, you’ll see the transformation. Use this spiritual quality to your advantage too.

Can you imagine how your self-esteem can be transformed by that spiritual authority?

What happens when you truly understand why God created you? How would you respond if He wants to transform yourself into a full potential?

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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