Why Write Your Personal Statements and Goals?

There is power in writing. Many times, I experienced the wonders and mysteries of seeing what you’ve written turned into reality.

I’m not surprised by it. As a son of an architect, I’ve seen my father turned his “ideas” into plans and blueprints. As time went by, I witnessed how simple perspectives transformed into real projects.

Intangible thoughts are turned into physical reality when you write it.

Imagine what the world would be without it. Where would Christians be without the Bible as a written scripture? Or what would world history be without records? Or governments without written laws?

This blog is not even possible without writing.

Writing is not just for “writers,” but for everyone who wants to track their development.

Here are top reasons why you have to write your personal statements.

1. Write to Preserve.

Between dull pen vs. sharp memory, who wins? Why? The shortcomings of memory are fact of life. That’s why we keep records. We write to preserve memories, information, and data.

If you want to see your progress towards your desired success, writing makes sense. You have tangible references.

Neuroscience proves that the brain is capable (and fun) of selective memories. You can’t afford to bury your ideas to the grave without leaving something brilliant or interesting coming from your mind.

2. Write To Be Precise.

Observe that knowledge were passed from one story to another. However, writing them minimizes the significant changes.

Someone says, “When you write, you become exact.” The point is, write what’s in your heart. Describe it as it is, be it goal, dream or mission.

What do you want to create for your life? Be exact in order to get your desires and dreams accurately. Particularize your plans and processes in writing.

3. Write To Proclaim. 

What you write today is a witness for tomorrow. Journals, diaries, covenants, and contracts, these are written accounts. I wrote my Dream Book (be careful with the scrapbooks, you might fill your life with scraps), not just for myself, but for my family as well.

Writing your personal statements–be it vision, mission, goals, and the like–become testimonies to tell.

In fact, for me, the writing of declarations, prayers, and blessings for my wife and each of my children was very memorable. Someday, they may not be able to recover what’s in my mind like a portable USB, but I have something as a witness for the next generation.

Start writing important keywords of your thoughts, better a detail of it. Carry a notepad so that you can takes notes as much as you can. Use the electronic notepad in your phone or other electronic gadgets.

An ancient sage said, “In writing of books there is no end.” Not unless you’re doing a book project, and you can do so, but short notes are better than long memories.

Please take the time to write and don’t let your precious memories just fade into eternity. Would you?

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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