Why Should You Belong to a Community of Faith? 

Perhaps you belong to a club, brotherhood, sisterhood, and the like, to promote your passion or just to have that sense of belongingness. 

For others, it’s simply a loose group of friends bonded together for some chitchat and healthy laughter. 

But belonging to a community of faith gives more than that.

Here are some of my simple recommendations why you need a community of faith.

1. Get Self Care.

This is not the ultimate end, but a good start. It’s human nature to belong to a group for survival to the challenges of life and be accepted.

Some research showed the benefits of joining a community of faith, like the lowering of stress, leading to healthier, and longer lives.

Being part of a community of faith helps you release your problems, find hope, have faith, as well as feel loved. You’re not feeling alone, detached, or isolated.

Not only that, almost all authentic communities of faith promote healthy lifestyles.

2. Gain Support System. 

In times of needs and crises, you have a group of people to seek help.

You don’t have to carry all the burdens in life because you have the people who care for you and are willing to support you in times of need.

In return, you can also help when it is in your power to do so. Such feeling of being together and supporting each other is empowering.

3. Grow to Become A Total Leader.

A community of faith is bonded together through same reason, beliefs, and hopes.

The ultimate one is for the communal worship to the One who created everything. This common act of giving honor to God is the universal purpose of every community of faith.

Other services include:

  • Evangelizing: Learning and communicating the Good News to all people,
  • Edifying: Encouraging everyone in grace and truth,
  • Equipping: Studying the truth and training ordinary members to become spiritual and mature leaders, and
  • Empowerment: Turning leaders into multipliers for the propagation of the message of hope and fulfillment of its spiritual mission.

As a human being, it is your responsibility to find completion to your personhood. As such, your quest and growth cover all your personal aspect in life, e.g. emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, financially, and, the most important, spiritually. That makes you a total leader.

Belonging to a community of faith is a blessing rather than a burden.

Of course, there are abusive communities of faith. Don’t be naive. These organized religions are exploiting the weak-willed, blind fanatics, and emotionally vulnerable. It’s your duty to avoid these centers for brainwashing.

Even in your life journey, the community of faith is your people. You’ll find your trainer there to succeed in your life mission.

In your quest for truth–and the truth will always prevail–you’ll receive more than mere ideas, but life as a whole itself, not just parts of it.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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