How to Deal With Stolen Vision?

Ray Kroc or “Ray Crook:” What do you think? In the movie, The Founder (not “founders”) did Kroc stole the McDonald’s idea from the McDonald brothers?

We all know that the world is full of “jerks” who tricked the little guys and stole their candies, right?

I know of several stolen legacies in the city where I live. It even happens to the so-called “ministries” changed into legacies of deceits.

But what if it would happen to you? What would you do if your ideas are taken away for other’s own credit and profit?

Here are personal wisdom in dealing with stolen vision.

1. Learn from History.

Ignore it and you’re bound to repeat it. Genius ideas can be stolen by plutocrats, as well as plain deceivers. Even if you file a case, you can only win through a huge amount of efforts, resources, and stresses. Is it worth?

Killing yourself in a struggle that’s not worth your life might do you no good. I’ve seen some who suffered emotionally and physically; some even died.

It’s either you die for your dream or create a bigger dream and live on.

Learn from the past. Don’t be naive. Sometimes, the very people you trust will be the very ones who’ll betray you. You can only prepare so much.

2. Live Your Life to the Fullest.

In a dog-eat-dog culture, even the lion devours the wise owl’s idea. But it’s just one, not the whole.

Your life is not defined by one idea you make. When some crooks invade your house and steal your belongings, it’s better than having your house burned.

Spare your precious life from rage and vengeance. Someone can do that for you (but please don’t hire a hit-man). For sure, God will.

So don’t be self-destructive or succumb to suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, depression, and the like. Instead, be stronger and wiser.

If you did your dream before, what could stop you from having another?

3. Lead into the Future.

A lot of wealthy personages exploit the brilliant ideas of others, but they can’t steal your future. It belongs to you and God who gave you that dream or idea.

It might be painful. But don’t get too emotionally attached to something that can be lost.

Remember, when God gave you a vision and somebody stole it, they’re not stealing from you but from God who gave it to you.

Even if you will not do imprecatory prayers, there is a curse in stealing sacred things. At least, you’re not the one building a legacy of deceit.

In the final analysis, the world is not going to end. Things can be forgiven but the consequences to the thieves will remain. Even if it will profit them, you enriched yourself with experience.

These faith-based responses are simply foundational approaches to prevent you from things you might regret. Still, the best cure is prevention. Do your homework.

Safeguard your dream and don’t just share them outside the family.

Now get that pen and write again your dream. This time, make it bigger and greater.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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