How to Benefit From Your Morning Habit?

While having my usual morning coffee, I’m reading and reflecting. Since I was in my late elementary years, I started to develop morning habits. It kept me balanced all through the day.

Every morning I wake up, take a deep breath, thank God through prayer, read books, and meditate. But I love having coffee and an open Bible.

Almost all my life,  I’ve been reading this sacred book for my spiritual food, from beginning to end. But just recently, I tried a different approach–reading it backward from Malachi to Genesis, as well as Revelation to Matthew, from the last chapter to the first.

Surprisingly, I began to have a leveled-up view of life and benefited from it more. Here’s how you can benefit too.

1. Establish Your Faith.

People believe in a lot of things. But I’m not talking about faith for the sake of faith itself. It’s all about the object of your faith.

While it is important to have your own faith, the object of your trust is the most important one. Do you trust in yourself, money or ability? Or do you put your faith on Someone more powerful than all these things?

Reading the Bible backward, somehow, showed me that faith is the victory. Believers in God can actually overcome the sad realities of this world, not because of their faith itself but due to the object of their faith.

After all, right at the end, God wins.

2. Empower through Hope.

I struggled with this before. When you read about the fall of individuals, lostness, and sinister ways of humanity, you can’t help but think that everything is getting worse. But when I read the Bible backward, there’s the glimpse of hope in the midst of sadness, betrayal, and loss.

Again, it’s not the kind of hopeless romantics or the idleness of false wishes. It’s simply having the vision of this future hope. This hope is alive and well. It’s actively shaping the past and present to fulfill what is being hoped for in the future, the new heaven and the new earth.

It’s great to live with a clear vision of the future. When life knocks you down, you get up. Your tribulation is not the world’s end. You keep on going with the fullness of hope.

3. Embrace Love

Oftentimes, misreading the Bible leads to negative thinking, a paranoia of the end, indifference, and apathy. That’s why being Christian is often identified with being self-righteous, homophobic, and judgmental attitude among many.

But in the end, love prevails. The future is the complete demonstration of God’s holy love. That’s why loving people today makes sense, not just because it is the greatest command but the fact it is the destiny of the future.

This time, the mirror is getting clearer. “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is” still “love.” Yes, love prevails.

I’m reminded of this leadership principle: start with the end in mind. Start your day with the end in mind and see the difference. For me, that backward approach gave me forward faith, hope, and love–a wonderful becoming.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017