How Do You Like to Be Remembered?

Hate it or love it. You’ll face this question. How do you like to be remembered?

I know of wonderful lives who loved this question. They inspired me to be greater than myself. They left footprints for me to follow, be faithful and fruitful.

Great souls are remembered by substantial people, good individuals by their families and friends. But selfish ones were left alone–or worse, only their same-feather stuck with them.

You know when you’ve been in the presence of great souls. You experienced being valued, inspired and awesome. However, have you noticed when you’re with “small” souls, you felt useless, little and intimidated?

Now don’t go too quickly in concluding your impressions. Have you ever thought also how fellow people felt when they were with you?

Here are some helpful points to ensure good memories, not just short-lived impressions.

1. Learn to Live with Your Mistakes 

This is not to flaunt your mistakes. (Unfortunately, some disgruntled souls are very proud of their bad qualities and bragged about when some poor souls fear them.) But if you want to leave good memories, change your life positively.

We made mistakes. We fail. But it’s up to us to turn them into stepping-stones or stumbling blocks to others.

You can’t undo your past, but don’t be imprisoned by it. Mistakes are normal but repeated ones could be symptoms of stupidity or notoriety. It’s your choice to change.

Most people have unpleasant memories with perfectionists. Why? It’s because people are simply imperfect.

Learn to overcome your imperfections. Find ways to improve and become better. People know if you’re committed to your personal improvement. They’ll remember that.

2. Leave a Good Legacy. 

Legacies are intentional. Think ahead of what you want to leave behind–something that makes the world a better place than before.

Ideas and systems live longer. But if you’re not gifted with brilliant ones, a good-natured life is more than enough. People remember you fondly.

If you’re going to build monuments, it’ll be remembered but not long. However, when you invest your lives on others, especially leaders, you multiply and build it to last.

3. Live with Your Utmost Best 

People easily remember excellence because they positively experience it. Likewise, people catch visions, values and valuable ideas of quality leaders. As people tend to reject sloppy ideas, so is their tendency to forget bad-natured individuals.

Don’t settle for good. Aim for great–at least when you hit half of it, it’s still better. That’s living with your utmost best.

Through the years, the book My Utmost for His Highest helped me. It reminds me my best isn’t good enough. I need God’s transforming power to guide me, not to live simply to please people, but to please Him who created me.

Ultimately, great legacies are what we do for others. It does not die with us.

As an ancient proverb says, “The name of the righteous is used in blessings.”

While an impression doesn’t last, legacies will. What will people remember when they hear your name?

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017