How to Make SMARTER Goals?

Productive individuals are often goal-oriented people. Most likely, you’ve heard about SMART goals. Now it’s time to make SMARTER ones.

The fact you’re reading this means you want to become better, wiser and more effective. Don’t just work harder, work smarter. If you want to be productive, set smarter goals.

But how do make SMARTER goals? (Your answers to the 7 questions below will guide you in creating them.)

1. Are your goals S-pecific? 

When you write smarter goals, be clear in identifying them. Vague goals are a formula for ineffective actions. Be precise with what you want to do and accomplish.

In writing smarter goals, specify the exact action with details related to it (names, quality, quantity, color, size, shape, amount, etc).

2. Are your goals M-easurable? 

Smarter goals are quantifiable. It’s something you can ascertain whether completed, half-way through or not.

If you can’t assess the progress of what you’re doing, you’ve got to revise it to evaluate your development.

3. Are your goals A-chievable? 

Goals are meant to be completed. What’s the use of making goals that are impossible to achieve? While making goals does not guarantee you’ll get them all, there’s wisdom in setting goals achievable.

3. Are your goals R-ealistic? 

Your goals must be practical, something “doable.” While the action is necessary for setting goals, it doesn’t mean you won’t exercise faith. By “realistic,” it means challenging.

It’s not smart to confuse goals with grand visions or pea-sized actions. Creating smarter goals stretches your comfort zones, but enough to exercise effort and belief.

4. Are your goals T-imebound?

Plan with a timeframe to make it happen. Whether you’re making immediate, short-term, mid-term or long-term goals, set time to accomplish it.

If knowing your due dates at work are important, would you not set timeframes to accomplish what matters to you? Time is what you got while alive. Set a target date for your goals.

5. Are your goals E-xciting? 

Well-written goals are needed to make things happen. Are you wondering why smart goals were left undone? It’s because they’re not motivating enough to put you into action.

Without eager action, goals are only illusion. Effective goals are exciting. It produces strong emotions to act.

You cannot perform well on what you’re not passionate about. Smarter goals create strong feelings of enthusiasm to finish the objective. That’s the key.

6. Are your goals R-ewarding?

“What’s in it for me?” is important, not just in business but also, in goal-setting. The rationale behind is the fair benefit of what you’re doing. Goals must be rewarding and satisfying in results.

Recognition and fair return are prerequisites of effective goal-setting. When you achieve a goal, reward yourself.

The guide above is a great start to writing down your goals (In fact, I keep pictures of them in my Dream Book!). You may take this exercise. “By 11 PM today, I already wrote my top 10 SMARTER goals to accomplish on or before the end of this year.”

And by the way, be open for better ones in the process.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017



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  1. Thank you for spending time sending this link to me.Thank you for sharing your wisdom.May the good Lord blesses you and your family even more.


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