How to Harness The Power of Focus?

The power of focus is vital in intentional life and leadership. It motivates you to become single-minded on the essentials, resulting to productivity.

I learned the importance of focus as a kid. My late dad did photography with his 35mm manual camera. By then, I understand the crucial lesson of one-shot-matters. At all times, stay focused.

In 24/7 information streaming, the world is getting noisier. However, have you observed busyness does not mean people are getting more productive? In fact, for some, the busier they get, the less they give—the more they plant, the less they produce.

With all the options surrounding us, we need to single-out what matters most. Here are some simple steps to harness the power of focus.

1. Stay Auto-Focused.

Modern cameras feature auto-adjustment and auto-focus. As such, the cameraman stays calm and centered. If there are adjustments, he’ll just do little tweaks and trick, but still the person’s ability to focus is needed.

Despite the latest tools to help us organized, it’s still crucial we stay focused in life and work. For some, meditation helps. Similarly, practicing Christians meditate on the Scriptures and in prayers. They “fix eyes” on Jesus, so to speak.

The person’s ability to stay focused is an acquired habit. It’s developed through time. If you want to stay auto-focused, practice until it becomes part of your system.

2. Say No to Distractions.

One benefit of focus is to stay out of the noise. As you focus on the subject of your vision and mission, it blurs the non-essentials, filters the unnecessary objects around.

When you give importance to your family, any other itineraries turned lesser if not related to it. You concentrate your effort to that aspect.

In fact, saying “no” in order to focus on what matters will make you productive. So stick to your plans. Are there “noises” around that clutter your life and work? How will you get rid of these?

3. Stick to Essentials.

Knowing the difference between the essentials and non-essentials sustains you to stay focused. Concentrate on quality—your vision and mission (that’s why it’s very important you have them clearly defined). Emphasize your defined goals, because distractions will always be there to tempt you and move away.

Take heart. The fact you’re zeroing in here means you’re focused. That’s a good indication you’re exercising the power of focus. It’ll ignite your passion to succeed in whatever you set your mind into.

Despite that millions own good cameras, how many actually produced classic shots or created great videos? Think of it as a picture of life. Many will be busy-as-a-bee with their technologies and frantic ability, but few will be significantly productive and succeed.

Why won’t you focus on something that’s really important to you or something you love and feel loved? Or something you really believe in?

If you want to succeed, harness the power of focus. It all depends on your ability to empower yourself with the discipline to focus and take concentrated actions.

Glenn Plastina © 2017