How to Develop Your Purpose Statement?

Developing your purpose statement in life is one of the most important decisions you can make. It could determine your future success and fulfillment in life.

Without it, you could be living your life without a sense of direction, vision, and meaning. You will not experience the fullness of fulfillment in life, but simply drifting without an anchor, rudderless in the wind’s whims. You thought you’re sailing, but you’re still stuck on the ground.

Thus, developing your purpose statement is very critical. You have to answer the question: What is the reason why you live?

Let me help you in simple ways where to start.

1. Base It on Strong Foundation.

You cannot build a strong house without a solid foundation. It will crumble. It’s your responsibility to find an immovable foundation to establish your life.

In other words, life purpose is the reason why you were created and for whom. Once again, a person is faced with the choice to base their life purpose on human speculations (or philosophies and dictums) or God’s revelation. The bottom line is: it reflects what is important to you.

For practicing Christians, the Bible is the source of information for life’s foundation. It’s there they come to believe that every person is created in the image of God and destined for His glory. It is also where they understand one must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Take time to think through your life why you are here in this world and for what or for whom.

2. Build It On Principles.

While you reflect on your divine connection to develop your particular purpose(s) in life, you have to encapsulate it in your own words. Write them down in your journal or a page. This practice is simple but really beneficial.

Write down: “I exist to be _____________ (Or “I live to __________ “) so that I can do ________________.

Focus on who you are and why you’re on this earth.

In writing your purpose statement, just take the Keep-It-Short-and-Simple approach. It must be something you can easily remember.

If you can’t readily quote this statement from memory, edit and rephrase the summary until you find the best words that capture the essentials of your life. But if you have poor memory–like me–it is very helpful to review it regularly.

3. Believe.

Your purpose statement must be something you really believe in. Know and understand it well. Is this something I really entrust my life into?

Is this statement best describes the core reason of my whole point of living? If yes, then, am I really living this out without exception? Your answer must be a definite expression that you believe in what you have just encoded.

Remember, your purpose statement is your life and leadership DNA. Your mission and vision will depend on it. This is about fulfillment and beyond success.

Before you dream what you would become, define first who you are. What you do doesn’t matter if you don’t know who are you.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017


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