How to Stay on Top of Time Kill-Zones?

Managing your time is crucial for success. But do we really have to manage time (which is constant) or we have to manage ourselves and our attitudes? How about those time-killing moments beyond our control?

While writing this article, I’m actually stuck in a long line waiting inside a bank. This is not new to me. Everywhere around the world, we all experience those long waiting that seems like forever.

In times like these, you can stay or walk away, fight your negative feelings or stay positive. Although I usually move out from any time waster, there are exceptions.

Here are some ways I do to manage my attitude during time kill-zones.

1. Try to Stay Positive.

When I’m stuck in an unavoidable situation, I try to be positive. There are things we can change and not change. But instead of thinking what could go wrong, thinking of what could go right is better.

Be positive in handling yourself in such circumstances. You will always find problems if you want, but it’s really up to you to solve it or, better, be positive to find the best out of it.

More often, I take a deep breath and thank God because it’s not always like this. Think of this: What are you grateful for today?

2. Take Time To Learn.

For several years, I developed the habit of bringing something to read or learn (book, ibooks or audiobooks). My iPad and smart phone are my virtual libraries. As such, during dead time I can find better ways than just browsing the internet without direction.

Use technology to fasten your transactions when possible. But if not, there are other things you can do. Find ways to overcome the “waiting moments” and do something productive.

You can also reflect on the important lessons you’ve learned yesterday. Jot them down. Or observe the details around you and appreciate them.

The constant goal is to learn while waiting. Patience is good, but taking action to grow is better. So take time how to discover something new and develop yourself.

3. Think of Creative Ways to Grow.

Growth does not always have to be “active.” Most living things grow whether they take actions or not. Plants do grow naturally even in stillness. But you don’t have to be idle-minded.

Although such dead-time could be a living-place to interact and relate with other,  you can also take an active play in your mind. I usually ask: How does it feel to be this person? What are they fears and challenges?

Develop your sensitivity to genuinely get interested in the life of people. Be observant and strengthen your interpersonal relationship skills.

If ever you want to start a conversation, be friendly and smile. Start non-threatening “small talks” and be willing to listen.

Sometimes, it is unavoidable to wait on line in the bank, public transportation, etc. Or you’re taking long travels, interact with people.

Making use of the time you can’t take back requires skills. The tips above could help.

Glenn Plastina (c) 2017