How to Set Your Roles Around Your Purpose?

To set your roles around your core purpose means to center your life on principles.

In keeping your direction in this vast confusing world, you need your North Star, your immovable point of reference. you might not be able to change the direction of the wind, but, certainly, you can manage your sail and rudder, so to speak.

But in this journey, your vehicle must contain what matters to you the most. Imagine if you’re on vacation and when you reached your destination you forgot your wife and children at home. You can’t afford to reach your destination and forget the very important matters to you. Right?

So how do you keep on rolling in this wonderful adventure and keep your balance? What makes it worth the trip?

Here are three rules to set your roles in proper perspective.

1. Prioritize Your Relationships.

We all are made for relationships. Foremost is your loved ones or family. You have to find meaning in your role as a spouse, parent or family member.

Another relationships we have are friendships. You have to build meaningful and genuine relationships with special individuals and significant influence in your community or workplace.

For me, as believer and follower, the most important relationship I have is with God. It keeps me centered. I’m not sure about you, but having relationship with someone greater than yourself is worth prioritizing in this life.

2. Pursue Your Calling or Vocation.

Work is more than earning money to provide for your needs and buy what you want. You can actually find eternal significance on your temporal job, work or business. That is if you consider this calling and career as part of the expression of your relationship with God.

For some, work is a form of worship, while it’s rat race for others. Some people take it as blessing, while others have it as burden. However, if you have a sense of purpose, you can turn your work as part of your spiritual calling.

Do you find meaning in your work or business? In what ways your tasks serve as an expression of your mission for living?

3. Persist in Your Passion.

What are you passionate about? If money is not a problem, what would you love doing with your life?

A lot of people find meaning on their passion. Some are into expressing their creative geniuses in arts, music, athletics and academics, while others volunteer to serve others, make difference and improve the world.

There are also passionate people for worship, loving God and fellow people. Whatever interest you have that are true, good, compassionate, noble, and right, pursue them. Be true to your heart and conscience.

At the core of your life and leadership is purpose. It is the hub of all your roles, functions and responsibilities. You may leave behind a legacy or wealth, but having to live without purpose will make you void in the end with all the tools and ploddings.

With your center of gravity, all fit together.