How to Define Who You Will Become?

Who would you become is preconditioned by how you understand the meaning of life.

The problem of life without meaning is that: it’s insignificant. That existence makes destruction or death just an inch away.

That’s why many people who find no reason for living and productivity commit suicide or self-destructive lifestyles.

You can’t establish your identity without understanding why you’re here.

Here are three important moves to consider.

1. Start with Your Purpose.

Foremost, this starting point assumes a Grand Designer. Have you heard the argument that a lens disproves the intelligent design of the human eye? 

The fact is, the lens itself prove there’s a designer who created it for the purpose of the camera. That’s why we know what’s a lens aside from just a piece of glass.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not yet convinced that my MacBook Air just logically blew out of Apple’s factory and (presto!) this machine randomly came out.

In the same manner, I only see the real definition of who I am in relation to my Grand Maker and His purpose.

Ask yourself: Why am I here? I suggest that your life must be defined based on your purpose.

2. See Your Personal Design. 

Imagine if your kids, after watching those cute culinary lessons on TV, used your laptop as their chopping board. 

How would you explain your laptop should be used? Isn’t it that you’ll differentiate between a chopping board and a laptop–and that they have different purposes and functions?

Likewise, I have to use my MacBook the way it was made for. If I’m not going to do it, I’ll be destroying this useful piece for my writing tasks.

How about your life? What would happen if you’ll not define your life and use it based on its plan?

Think about this. You were born for a purpose and design.

3. Stick to Your Potential. 

Think of the possibilities. Use your God-given imagination about your future. See yourself in the past, present, and future–all at once–as the whole piece.

Leaders encapsulate this possibility thinking as “begin with the future in mind.” Start with the vision. Think of the future in the present, realized state. Your growth and potentials are actually part of the continuing process.

Think of yourself from the point of view of the future. The potential end-result must not be detached from your purpose and personal design.

See your life purpose, personal design and potential as the three foundational layers of a building.

What do you think would happen if you remove the foundation of the building?

One of the books that made a huge difference in recent years is Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life. It answers the question What on Earth Am I Here For? That book could be very helpful in defining who you are.

“Why am I here?” is the ultimate question in life. You may read the first three chapters of Genesis. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Glenn Plastina © 2017


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